Wrong Target – Basic Phonics: CCC = KKK (same sound) OOPS – T SHIRT FAIL AND OTHER KKK MISTAKES Final Verdict: Laurel Branch and 3 C’s. Laurel Branch Used by KKK.

There was a gang of guys at the Safeway Center in Rohnert Park.

Is that TBC or T3C. 3 going into Mountain Mikes. Around 7 12/1. Were they eating before going to their meeting? I have no idea. They were jawing with some buddies they had run into.

Laurel relates back to the laurel wreath signifying success and peace in ancient Rome

Since the KKK, White Nationalists, White Supremacists, Alt Right, Far far right Neo Evangelicals, stand for hate and think they are superior You don’t qualify to use the laurel branch. Honor? No.

Wikipedia: A laurel wreath is a symbol of victory and honor.

Oooooh. I think that is a laurel leaf and. 3 followed by a c. Picked a teacher to harass. Sucks for you. C and K make the same sound. Laurel branch has some sort of KKK significance.

Finally, a good picture of one of these bikes

I don’t look for trouble, trouble finds me. Well, sometimes I go looking for people who want to cause trouble.

The only thing behind Raleys is a Goodwill donation spot. Yet, there were All these cars.

Oops. Two different vehicles. However, look at that plate. The dust is just too perfect. In this case, it was some kind of paint. The edges were starting to peel.

I finally got a good picture of a plate that had some of the finish scraped away. I see a LOT of Sacramento MAITA Plates.

I wonder if some employees at dealerships allow people to use their vehicles to stalk in.

In Alt Right speak, dog stands for God. I could be wrong. Until just recently, I just though the tons of dog magnets and stickers were a Stalking “Tell”. Nope. After making a connection between a squared off bird on a shield in Charolettesville, I started making connection to things I have seen over the last 13 months.

So this Idiot has been sitting in his car like that for at least 10 minutes. Way at the outer edge of the Safeway lot. Oooooh. Ahhhhh. Nope.

What will happen when I drive that way? Surprise. Didn’t move.

The whole time I was sitting there, this Dance of the Idiots was going on. I never could explain it before now. It is not choreographed in a true sense. No, the dancers (people in cars) just try to make sure that you see a light at all times. So, it looks fake.

There you see em. Then you don’t.

Just to be sure it wasn’t because Safeway closed at 9, I decided to drive over. New dancers started up.

Well, no dance hall, but there has been some car lights or another in sight at all times. Back up lights, locking and unlocking car lights, car sitting with headlight on. Oh, the dance started up.

You see. Nothing truly made sense before. Before I connected an eagle on a car here to a shield in Charlottesville. Yes, some righteous and anti Constitutional/not afraid to bread the law people could harass for a while to try and push someone over the brink. But, it also seemed more than righteous. Evil. You know – like devil.

Now, a coordinated effort by KKK and other want the US White again. That can seem possible! What is different now? Technology, modern propaganda tactics, and an Orange looney bird in the office. No offense intended towards looney birds or others who have a mental illness. Orange looney bird just popped into my head. Is it supposed to be Orange Gooney bird. Looney fits. To have narcissistic personality order is one thing. Well, it IS one thing. It took hundreds of thousands of believers who thought he wasn’t who he acted like – to get him elected. You connect the dots…….

Oh, ‘it’s the season to see a lot of shoppers and crazy traffic and…but not for 13 months.

Always a Jeep. Always.

Morning show and after work show.

Later night show:

That’s all folks. For now.

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