Late Night Update

So, here I am in front of Hansel Honda. During the summer, these kkk alt right idiots were braver. However, a year ago I noticed something unusual. I drove this way and not one, ONE car was here. OH! Cameras. The cameras at auto sales places must be really, really good.

The car in the picture up above really did not want to let me get on the freeway. Nope. Sure did not. Along with a motorcycle I think. Well, I broke in my driving skills on the freeways of SO CAL starting 46 years ago. Learned in a bug car. Yep. A stick. Ask your grandparents – not the truckers. The young city folk.

BY THE WAY: If someone gets in an accident with me – I WIIL hire the best African American or Latino or Jewish private investigator I can find to find out the tinniest details of your puny little life. My dad and mom would have thought that anyone trying to mess with their daughter would deserve nothing but the best PI. Church, work, live, alt right affiliation.

Oh yeah. In one of my Not the smartest move. My blogs can be traced to me. I have purposely made it very obvious where I live, even giving my neighbors apartment number. I have been to HELL AND BACK so many times AND have had so many people angels in my lives. I haven’t lived this long to let you idiots phase me – particularly now that I know that you devil worshipping 666 loving, skull displaying scourge of the earth are. Well, really. You really are a bunch of crawling ants and scared rabbits.

So, here is another late night scoop.

This car REALLY does not want to be associated with the kkk. Minister, lawyer, Catholic priest, doctor….???? Yes, a Catholic priest left the church after that. I told the Latinos to not Trust ANY white person.

Only 4-5 cars came past. One pulled into Honda, but I didn’t pay attention to whether or not it came out.

These kkk groupies are NOT happy campers!!! I think the whole dance description bothered them.

On Corona Road.

On Corona looking back at McDowell. The next picture looks like a blob of light, but it is a truck parked at a truck parking lot across from the post office and truck delivery drive. They have not been on the ball lately, but there was one tonight.

Months ago I actually filed a complaint with the U.S. Postal Service. These trucks haul U.S. mail to the large facility in Petaluma, CA. I can’t quite remember what he did, but it was not very nice.

One day, I will have to post all the postal trucks I have seen. Including one of the two who were driving around ON Labor Day. Dumb bunnies. So, do the drivers of the big trucks take a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America? Ooh wee. That would NOT be good.

BTW: My uncle did NOT drop bombs over Germany 32 times, see his friends’ planes go down, kill innocent men, women and children along with the soldiers and brainwashed young men to have YOU VILE CREATURES turn the United States of America into a Nazi country! I have A LOT of motivation here.

And guess who the KKK and alt right try to enlist? Young, disenfranchised college students. What other organization in the world does this? Oh, yeah. THAT one.

Sonoma Mountain Parkway. Hmmm. I do faintly remember driving that late at night and seeing hardly any cars.

That medium silver sports car has been here the whole time. The van must belong to one of the workers who have been doing night work in the store.

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