The Gathering KKK, White Supremacists, Neo Evangelicals

Mostly Cotati and Rohnert Park, CA

FIRST:Are Nor Cal, Oregon and Hawaii on the list of best places to inhabit. I see Hawaiian items/animal, Big O’s and Oregon Plates, and now the Nor Cal makes sense though the state of CA map is a popular Tell.

All those on one car. Okay, I am convinced. Monsters logo has been here a while and to the KKK it IS 666. What? Can’t remember that part. Read the whole thing. 666 Near the end. ???

This truck headed north on Sonoma Mountain Expressway this morning around 7:25, took the roundabout and headed west on Corona, got in the lane to turn left on McDowell. Idiot. Accuses me of tailgating. Nope. He was too busy being a scared bunny. No way was I tail gating. I said he was KKK HE mentioned on my tail or tailgating and I just said that he is KKK.

Photos above – did I say they were taken in the north section of Home Depot around 7:15.

This idiot would not pull out until I parked.

Oh. A butterfly forms an X

Walgreens in Cotati. A hub of KKK

one up above Walgreens. Way up.

Straight up is Home Depot

Five pointed star, shield, sword which is a cross

Some Arby’s, some Home Depot

Going to be transitioning from Arby’s back to Safeway in Rohnert Park.

Actually Walgreens

Must be some Klan gatherings planned

Near Taco Bell across from college

Okay. No one expected me to be out I guess. Here is normal Taco Bell shopping area:

Look closely. 3

Taco Bell line on the Wednesday night after Thanksgiving at 8:47. Really. The gathering.

Across from Home Depot.

In and Out. Always busy. Maybe like this right before Christmas. But tonight?

Left turn into north entrance of the JC in Petaluma. Around 9:30 tonight Wed after Thanksgiving.

I believe this was around 9:25 at the corner of Corina and McDowell facing north. Anyway one of the group goes into the employee entrance to the Post Office.

Not taking time to look. So these four are the top one which is near the J.C., then there is a short one going around the roundabout, one at the stoplight. The one down below should be after I come out of KMart Lot heading north. Busy, busy white supremacists. Harassing me. Because I am able to tell who they are as they try not to be seen.

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