More From My Annals, Starting With November 29th

Annals. First time for everything. Just records of events

I had pulled up to post and people got in these cars. The store was closing. But, they sat and sat. Must be waiting for an employee. Nope. They drove off a few minutes after I took these:

Then they finally took off.

This and That

Look for AAA stickers, three of anything, five point stars, anything crossed, skulls, eagles,


Who owns OSH or manages the parking lot. Instead of a money bank there is a car bank

Triangles, triangles in circles

This look. Tint or clear film that someone put on by themselves and there are a TON of bubbles. Even on some fancy cars.

I just happened to see the X or Y

I saw GEEK85, but it disappeared in

the Safeway lot in Rohnert Park

Plates that have been made hard to read or almost impossible to read. There is some type of spray that makes a plate look dirty, but something might be off. The California is not dirty then everything else is. Same spray was used on the table legs in my apartment – twice.


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