Lactose and Baristas

I had a great idea for an addition to my plot line. Interesting that recently I was not lactose intolerant. Strange. Then my luck ran out. That is fine. But why, after ordering almond milk drinks did I start having issues? Just like when I worked in Sonoma, when I had coffee products with milk in them.

Do you know that you can even buy lactose sugar? There is also a company that will analyze a product to see if it has lactose in it. I wonder what would have happened had I saved a bit of my coffee and sent it in. Maybe the lactose is an inconvenience, but it CAN irritate this spot in my intestine. How would Starbucks feel about a lawsuit? Don’t think someone can get caught or in trouble for this? Think again, or you have another think coming. I thought of just going through and sending out some to be tested, but maybe this is more effective. That kid is never that animated. AND he called me by name. Oh wow! Like in a commercial! Does he know who you people are, or did you sell him a bill of goods? Interesting, but I felt fine last week when I was at home. I was even a made a latte with milk. I stocked up on lactaid. But, no problem. Felt better overall.

Now, about the soup at Marie Calendars in Yorba Linda?

Hey, the dark haired kid who works at the Starbucks Near OSH – he was at the register and the. Poof! Someone had taken his place. That has happened a few places. I mention someone at a store. Poof.

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