Florida – Firefighters as Bullies and Bigots……..an excuse to act immature….in a very stupid, thoughtless, criminal way

Just because Trump has been allowed to run off at the mouth and spew hate (then backpedal) does NOT give anyone else in this country an excuse to do the same. Unfortunately, Trump can not be fired. No, ‘You’re fired” will never be aimed at Trump. At least not in his current job.

Seriously, besides these firefighters committing a hate crime, acting like immature middle schoolers………………these idiots don’t think their actions will have consequences. No. It is not how this works. There are laws in place and consequences in the real world, unlike Trump land.

Grow up, travel, learn another language, get to know someone different every now and then. What do you have to lose besides a membership in this countries most hateful, anti any decent faith religion.

Geez, where else would someone find firefighters acting bigoted? Anywhere U.S.A. Not all, but anywhere.


Yes, the word, “stunt” was used. The same word my dad used to describe a sailor throwing up his glass lighter fluid container expecting to catch it. My dad got the fire extinguisher to someone else in the galley and took the idiot to his bunk or whatever. My dad suspects that this sailor spent the rest of the trip and maybe longer in the brig.

Stupid stunts. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


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