White Supremacists and the KKK Are Bullies and Cowards – a video taken on Payran at street McKinnley School is On NAH- 6:30 on a Tuesday night

Okay- look up the KKK in Sonoma County. Did they ever truly leave??I think Not. So, how do YOU feel being in bed with the KKK?! Italians. Guess you don’t remember that the KKK did not count you as being white. Remember? Oh, not young enough. I am not that old, but I remember the disgusting names and I guess there was this scare of Catholicism.

I could be very much wrong

Three emblems. One is the ribbon. Could stand for a cross, plus two more.

Here we have Payran in Petaluma, CA. TONIGHT. Tuesday after Thanksgiving around 6:30 or so. Nope. No special lights. Nada, nothing. Just someone who knows what to look for on a KKK car and White Supremacist car, etc. maybe before Charolettesville people really would have been doubtful. These groups are joining forces. All they want is for a white Christian agenda to be pushed through. They don’t care who they sleep with. Another justification by one group to feel superior. More people in the world have been killed by this hateful doctrine than for any other reason.

What do you know?! Parked at Safeway right behind the apartments where I live. Yeah, you can look me up if you go back far enough. A skull with wings. How much more KKK can you get.

Kind of late in the season. Did you know that African Americans were barred for 100 years from entering the state. Whoooeee! Lots of generation of hate.

But, look up Sonoma County and the KKK.

Hey, White Supremacists, are you Scared of our country not being a majority of white people? Insecure. Aha! These wars have been about insecurity.

Oh boo hoo you. Many, many persons in the world are Christian, not from a standpoint of love, but conquest. Yes, others did conquest too. Back and forth. Remember the war in Ireland? Catholic versus Protestant!

See the lights? Perfectly normal. Unless you see them all the time. Behind those lights are some white robes people. Who named you the king of everything? Only God and very delusional people can do that.

See. This person is the king and queen of everything accompanied by a U.S. flag. I could be wrong……I am pretty sure this is a white supremacist of some kind.

Read an article about white Christian America going way back. Hmmm. I would have to calculate, but how many years have their been African American Baptists, Pentecostals, and many others. Maybe the young Americans have grown up knowing the truth behind manifest destiny and all the things done in the name of this religion or that religion or this color or that. Maybe they are taking into consideration the body count.

How many of the trucks I see are from West County

Is that a hidden Tell or what? Say, when I moved into Capri Creek, there was a fairly diverse group of people. What happened? That orange car was in the Safeway lot. You see. This Safeway is off the beaten path. Sonoma Mountain Parkway is off the beaten path for that matter.

Yay! Whites (non Hispanic) are at less than 50% of the population! Over and out! For now.

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