Nazism Exposed Nazi Filth

Me: Disgusting symbol. I see this all around Sonoma County. It can be disguised as a cutesy skull and crossbones, but probably means this.

Death’s Head (Totenkopf)

The Totenkopf Division wore the Death’s Head (Totenkopf) instead of the runes. The Division had its origins in the units formed to guard the concentration camps after control of the camps passed from the SA to the SS in 1934, and retained the Death’s Head as it’s symbol throughout the war. Several versions exist, with the Death’s-Head placed either vertically on the patch (in pre-war versions) or horizontally (shown here, introduced around May 1940).

Coexist Symbols T-Shirt - Navy Heather - S    Want to see a bunch of Coexist stickers. Head to Sebastopol. I’m sure there are some great people. In fact, I know there are. However, I look on all the charter schools now as possible White Flight schools – to shelter the future Nazis of Sonoma County. Not all………..they hide amongst us

Me: Symbol of the KKK. To “hide” the symbol, but to allow others of their ilk to know who they are, modern Nazis took Yin Yang and pulled it apart and colored one side red. Or something like that. I have a great picture of a car with two large bright blood drops like that surrounding all cutesy stickers.



The Celtic Cross can be just that: A Celtic Cross………………….but, even though Aryan has nothing to do with the white folks in that part of the world. (Hitler must have thought it sounded good or was ignorant – I am guessing both.



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