San Jose Versus Sonoma County

Ahhhh! Feels normal here. Not as high a percentage of Super Alt Right: I will start saying something en espanol: Eres idiotas estupidos! Es verdad!

How many of you have traveled to another country? How many of you have bothered to seek out a successful person that belongs to a group you hate? It takes two years to change ones perspective. Probably never if you have heard vile hate since you were young.

You do know, don’t you, that the generation who come here to make a better life for themselves are rarely able to be able to work at a profession that they had in their country of origin?

Also depends how “out there” your personality is. It has been the same for Asians (but they do teach English in some of their schools), Italians, Latinos, and many other groups. English and German are a little bit related. Until WWII, there were German schools in the country.

Add in culture shock. There were Italian neighborhoods for a very long time. Ingles Es una langue Loco! Es muy difficiles comprender. I have traveled to France. After a week, I had a craving to hear English. I lived in MN for four winters. Nice forward looking people, but not chatty Californians. A lady from Texas and I had a great conversation in a check out line. Horrors! Small talk.

You could travel to Germany and see how that works out for you.

I only know of ONE family who went to Europe for work and did NOT send their kids to an English speaking school.

There is a reason that we have earned the label: ugly American. In Paris, I would haltingly ask a question in French. No problem. An older person who had fought in WWII would say in his demanding voice, “Do you speak English?” Right.


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