Bor……ing, White Christian World…. “Who made you king of anything?”

No one! Can’t get over the Civil War? Slavery of any kind is wrong. Had the south won that battle, they would have lost the war by now. Just proving that in the thousands of years we have been on earth, people revert back to wanting to hold power and control over others. But, that is NOT power at all. It is hateful bullying and fighting among stupid gangs.

KKK can no longer hide. Like that kid who was picked at the KKK poster child, then claimed something contrary to what that picture obviously showed.

Observation. Quiet in the San Jose area relative to north of the Golden Gate. Pleasant. Lots of different types of REAL people. Not Stepford, cookie cutter white people. The German name on a plate plus a questionable eagle made me laugh. My third name is about as German as you can get. I am proud of the name because of the accomplishments my relatives have achieved and what they have given back. Not to be forgotten is the British name of my grandmother. Though, intertwined I don’t think it is as simple as that. And, no one should get too hung up on heritage, or, like Miss Deming you might find some poachers there somewhere. Undoubtedly so.

Before you get all het up about your name being Aryan and all that, it is a wonderful Ashkinazic Jewish name. And Hitler stole the term Aryan. It does not refer to a white race at all. Do you truly believe that white is superior? It is the color that was able to survive in colder climates with little sun. Dark skin color and little vitamin D.

I did a survey of sorts. Walked an apartment complex with a large number of cars. Only two personalized plates. The numbers I have been seeing have been statistically significant-if one could do a statistical study on this.

Sebastopol has a license plate frame that comes from one car repair place and Petaluma has another. One is “Out West Garage”.

Wonder if dog, aka God is a whole U.S. thing.

Does baby in car stand for anti-abortion. Which line will you draw. One of my relatives is anti abortion, but does not seem to understand that some people mean absolutely NO abortions. She logically understood why it would have made no sense to carry a baby with a failing heart and almost all the organs outside the body to term. Heart wrenching. As far as I am concerned – I fought for ten years to have two. Would not even have amniocentesis because of teeny higher risk of miscarriage. But, until I see alt right people lining up to adopt ALL children, encouraging birth control education, etc. even then. MYOB.

Outlawed, the wealthy anti abortion women will still have access to under the table abortions. Yes.

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