Tonight’s Alt Right Idiots

So, the idiot in the car above slammed on his brakes at the round a bout in Petaluma at Sonoma Mountain and Corona. The strange thing was that there was absolutely NO traffic coming – none, zero, zilch.

One of the cars ahead of me slammed on the brakes. Well, the driver slammed on the brakes right in front of me. I️ think it was the top one.

A Jeep did the same thing in Rohnert Park last week. People get crazy during the holiday season, particularly hateful people. Can’t say who is and who isn’t. I️ just can’t imagine a group who is Supposed to be Christian (KKK) using 666. Hateful and demented right there.

Before I️ forget. Harley Davidson anything. It could be just a Tell or there could be a connection. An article talks about how the lines are blurring. The bikers and White Supremacists find out they have some things in common. In some cases.

One Tell I️ don’t think I️ have mentioned is having one of a set of lights off or dimmer. I️ said off because I️ know this is done some of the time by turning a knob or switch. I️ have seen this done.

I️ just go a different way and see things. Serendipitous.

Got my Texas Plate. Hey, I️ learned that Oregon actually had a law preventing Blacks (no disrespect – fits the time and ignorance involved). Oregon had a law that kept Black people from entering the state. Imagine the descendants of the people who wanted the law kept in place. So many graduates from Oregon or just supporting the team.

BS, yes. Full of it. Oh. Skeletons. Particularly fish skeletons.

I️ just realized how popular the whale plates are. They are harder to read also.

I️ have just not thought of it. But, that was before the KKK connection. This makes me ill. That and the Veterans. If you are a reservist, are you still under oath to uphold The Constitution of these United States of America?

The sticker/stamp is one of three along the side of a vehicle. All windows have them BUT they are not this distinct and don’t last.

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