On the Road Again. With a Twist…..

Here is what I mean. Pic of house car

Some Of you in important jobs have not thought this out. Yes, Technology can be used by your ilk. However, every single person – just about has a video camera in their possession. You can try to keep your involvement away from your clientele, but it won’t last. We are all reporters now.

The POWER OF SIGN LANGUAGE. This young gal in her 20’s – if that wanted to do her duty. I made it very clear to her that if she crashed into me I would hire a PI. She did not look happy.

Since so, so, so many of you have personalized plates- well, they are lcalled envy plates. You have to think you are mighty, mighty special to be better than all the other people in the world. Let’s just call them conceited plates in your case.

I take pictures of EVERYTHING.

Just think – because of Nazi pics I now know how to make a proper P. So, P I came across loud and clear.

A skull, three surfboards. Oh, probably KKK.

Oh. Unrest in Oregon. I usually see a Texas Plate each day I am out.

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