The Jumping Frog Contest, Personalized Plates and What Do You Think?

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A rainbow was used to represent all people. That and many colors have deservedly gone to different groups. How about using a color wheel to represent diversity? It covers all the ribbons and if not, you just mix the colors to get the right one. Oh, notice. No white. White is joined with the color. Makes life so much richer and interesting.

The original Pepe.

The image of the cartoon character, which was created in 2005, has been used increasingly by the 'alt right' in recent years Maybe some of you are questioning your decision – if you are not being blackmailed or it’s too late………..Here is a character created to create smiles………….The KKK takes things/information/facts and twists and twists and then spits out their vile messages of hate.

A frog was adopted by the KKK and ended up having to be killed off as a cartoon character. Frogs took on a whole new meaning. Froggy the radio station and a few frog tells.

What do you think? I see the FOX logo all over. It just hit me like a brick. It’s the X and the 3 letters!? Maybe. I read that, unfortunately, the KKK has adopted the flag with the blue line. The company regrets that the KKK has done so.

I will have to find the frogs. The Froggy radio station I saw mostly in Sebastopol. There is a great froggy license plate frame.

Three stickers, two are fire fighter stickers????? Who knows. Can’t accuse anyone of anything except………….I know I have seen many of these vehicles more than once and in varied cities/locations.




So you can decide. I think he made some bad choices, but did okay after all. The anti communist movement including the McCarthey hearings. Communism was an ideology that some embraced. There never has been a communist country – no really. Had many of the people truly knew how Communism would turn out – they may not have gone to a meeting. Imagine having your life ruined because you attended meetings for a group. Funny – when did the KKK start up? Meetings?

Colt defends her choice to omit these less-flattering qualities because, from her research, “There isn’t a smoking gun that shows Disney was anti-Semitic” (a view Gabler echoes). As for alleged racism and misogyny, “Disney was very much of his time and place,” Colt says. Hiring the studio’s first African-American animator, Floyd Norman, in the late 1950s and promoting female animators as time went on, “it wasn’t like he was so ahead of his time or behind the times that it felt like it was a remarkable thing.”

So, it seems like Disney did make some bad  choices. Disneyland opened in 1955 and Walt died in 1966. Considering the time he lived in, he did okay – though Song of the South was NOT a good move. I learned that he married the lady he hired to work on something to do with the movie making process. He was beaten by his father as a child. Interesting – he was known to work almost frenetically at times, but then had at least two periods of depression. Boy, that sounds familiar. Genius does often go along with mental illness.

Some, it seems like to pick Disneyland as their theme. Just to bring it up and get it out of the way- read the above stories. Oh, if you are allowed to read anything except that which your church approves of – or read internet posts that give a different perspective than the one you have. I heard it takes a few years to change your thinking on some  point.

It appears that Russia was the first country to embrace Communism. I don’t think Russia scaring its people and taking over countries was part of the plan, but maybe it was. Hmmm. Taking over something and making the people do things your way. What does that sound like? The Communist Party in the United States started in 1919 and it still exists. I would read what highly educated people think of Communism as it developed in the 20th Century, but won’t.                    Short answer – not really, but the same can be said about many types of government. Oh, yeah – Democracies don’t exist without a trial system in place.


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