White Supremacists Reaching Out For H

So, Friday evening there was a surge of activity when I️ left work. Wow! Well, I️ got home and I️ had forgotten something. I️ guess all the KKK and White Supremacists, etc. had gone home. It was dead. Deadest I️ have seen. Lost some of their base I️ think. People figured it out or are reading my blog.

I️ at least know how to make a proper ASL P. I️ just change it to say No White Supremacy. Sometimes I️ add in Stupid Idiots. Dedicated to Trump and any White Supremacists: They’re Coming to America. Since you don’t study history. See, the U.S. has a history of using other people at our convenience. Take the Chinese who built this end of the railroad. That was great, but then they threatened our jobs. Take the Jewish people who, I️ guess are great at making money. Then, we feel threatened. Why? Have to blame someone. Hey, Italians and Catholics! Don’t suppose you know that the KKK did NOT look favorably upon you.

Take the Mexican Laborers – I️ have traveled up and down this state since I️ was five. I️ am strange. I️ am entertained when I️ look out the window. I️ saw one white laborer in all those years. Have you looked into the taxes that illegals pay? Oh yes, they pay taxes. Wasn’t that many years ago when the wealthy did not want the cheap labor to leave.

I️ have felt for decades that if we had helped Mexico as much as we help the countries we invade and leave in shambles, what immigrant problem?

Do you know that there was not ONE terrorist on 9/11 from Iran. Nope. The majority were from Saudi Arabia. THAT was available on one extreme conservative site long before we went to war. We had a chance to use special ops and develop relationships with a bunch of Arab countries. Yes, we did. We kicked out the army in Iran. Had all these unemployed disenfranchised males. Look how that turned out.

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