The Magic of Three – AAA, KKK, Three Stickers Here, a Triad There. Here a 3, There a Three, Everywhere a 3-3

A LOT of the cars that flurry around me (see-I️ know how these “Christian” Extremists function – So….they don’t like me) off topic again. Flurry around me have AAA stickers. A LOT – particularly in the Sebastopol area, but all over.

Today, I️ noticed that one truck had three stickers going across the back windows spaced evenly apart. This was from the archives. Hmmm. KKK, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost? A triad? With the KKK a circle with a triangle in it is big.

I️ am having a hard time wrapping my head around the whole far, far right Christians being in bed with the Klan. Ya know what? Sometimes you just don’t know what a saying means until you can find the PERFECT situation that it applies to. Yep, in bed with the klan. Oh, but doing God’s work makes everything illegal and ill moral just okey dokey. Hmmm, if I️ were you, I️ might ask God what he thinks. As for neo-Nazis. I️ looked it up. Hitler was for white. But, he was not for religion. Nope. He had Christmas Carols changed to include him. That is what egomaniacs do. Or those with Narcissistic Personality Order. You know? Like Trump.        Not considered a Holy number but a significant number

So, what else could three stand for. Interesting to ponder. Have I️ ever said that I️ notice when things are not normal. Sucks for you. Hey, used to be a four letter word. I️ tell my students that it is a tacky word. But, when I️ get behind your car, I️ say, “Sucks for you!” Again, until one comes across the right use for a word, it doesn’t sound right. In that context. Yep. It works.

The three Wise Men. You do know that one or more of them was black, right? Oh. I️ think all but the most naive of us know that there is no way that Jesus had blond hair. He was Jewish.

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