Making This Personal

Guesses: Dog = God; Keep Tahoe Blue = Keep California Pure and Christian; Note the one with the number 3 AND half a wing; Unfortunately there are some National Association of Fire Fighters – I am guessing that each group/chapter has its own colors; Veterans – you fought for our freedoms and yet you stomp on THE Constitution of the United States of America – without the 6th Amendment we are not a Democracy;

Skull with any crossed items like a sword, I am wondering if someone had the horrid idea to use survivor ribbons to use as the Nazi X cross. Lots of dogs/gods. What happens if you take a peace sign and turn it upside down. Looks very much like some Nazi symbol. Kiss 101.7 all over the county. Popular! Three stickers going across. Did I say that?

I may have posted a company logo. Or not. Coincidence. A lot of companies use logos that can be linked to one symbol or another. I thought it interesting. In use long before this revival of the KKK.

3 ride or is that supposed to be pride with a p that looks like a c which stands for pool. You had to see the Music Man. The family stickers – oh sooo cute – with Mom, Dad, kids and animals – come in regular or zombie…………..Zombie anything is popular. Cruiser I have seen in ……………..a parking lot. Target I think. Needs to wash out his mouth, Washoe house and one more. What I co ink ee dink. Nope.

AAA – really? That is a strange place for a AAA sticker. Ah yes! Hawaiian anything. Hibiscus, sea turtles………………sayings about Hawaii. We invade their land, turn them into Christians, get rid of their king and now I think the KKK and others are going after the state. Oh, it’s just a tell. Very popular. Hempy was the only one from So Cal I think.

Fish, sharks, shark with a line through it. Monterrey in the shape of a shark. I realized that My son is an Eagle Scout three times. I figured he had three sons and each one is an Eagle Scout. 3 as in the number 3, tres. Trois. ??? High School French. Un, deux, trois?

Boy, have I seen a LOT of Christian fish. I have nothing against ANY religious group unless they commit harm – mental or physical or turn their backs and don’t report abuse to the police. Fishing plates. I have seen more fish of various kinds over the last year than I have seen the rest of my life. Hey, they started becoming popular in the late 70s I think. My youth group sang, “Let the son shine in……………” and so on.

The crazy cars are meant to help with all the craziness. I call them shock cars. Oh, like they really have shocked me. Given me quite a good laugh. So, where are they stored? Someone’s property, under a cover, in a garage, in someone else’s garage?


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