Making This Personal II – More Personalized Plates – more than most people see in a life time. Welcome to my world.

Wow! More personalized plates on 11/20. Evening at Kaiser in Petaluma.

I️ saw one Paw Up again tonight.

Monday still. Did I️ say that I️ Saw I️ PAW UP at Trader Joe’s Around 8:00. ——————

ORIGINAL POST. I️ am fine. However, I do take some people trying to push me over the edge by using “No Touch Torture” – used in modern times by the Stasi. I do take that personally. So, on that note, I will continue with posting the personal plates and shock cars and a few “tells” that I haven’t covered.

COEXIST has a Yin Yang symbol……………this was used by the KKK at some point: yin yang, not coexist. Now, the klan uses only one side of the yin yang. It is red so it looks like a blood drop.

Somewhere I posted a company logo. I don’t think there is any connection. Just an interesting coincidence.

Crossed swords, bats, anything crossed. Got Jesus! Religious schools………………….

Things off kilter – license plate frames. You might see a really nice car, but the plate is angled a bit. Or the end of the tow plate thingy is angled. Something like that. Most of the other states headed home, but we have even more people from Texas than we did over the summer.

Do the interstate and state highway sign emblems stand for shields or just more stickers to choose from?

Someone a little too out there with that Nazi eagle. The cross on the Jeep could be an iron cross, but it has become some sort of emblem for something else. The 5% on the side is of interest. 5. That has significance in Nazi language I think. Bears – type depends on which state you are from.

Two plates that end in: III………………………..    Sometimes there is a letter missing from the make of the car, parts of the car plate frame is gone – broken off.

111 This was the day before I talked to the Petaluma Officer. He took my picture. There was no reason for him to take my picture. Nada. This is not the color of the local police force. It doesn’t look like the highway patrol. What’s up?

Why does Behavior Baby have a few 3’s here and there. BX stands for behavior.

4MFT794 – gold mine of tells. Eagle – looks like a German type. The Warriors Bridge. I haven’t figured out what it is about the bridge…….but…………..Woof = God  Coexist with yin yang = KKK blood drop or?

Seriously? Mersy Me is driving into a car wash. Not a hand car wash. A regular car wash. Would I take that car into a car wash like that? I think not. BTW – fancy cars like that are not seen in the numbers I see them. Not in Petaluma, CA. We get some coming up from Marin. Seriously. CURMGON – I have seen 2-3 times in different places.

Dirty license plates. They are not dirty. They have been sprayed with something that makes them look dirty. They are supposed to look “off” but the victim doesn’t know why. It’s because many of them have the California blocked off from the spray. That is too perfect, but the rest is “dirty”. The same trick was done to my kitchen table – twice. Things are supposed to be old and dingy – depressing. The neighbors keep asking me if I want help – going up or down. They say other things too.

I keep seeing things in groups of threes now. This must be the newer, kinder KKK. Right? Sold your souls to the devil – Evil. That puts me in the mood for 101 Dalmatians.

Chok D should have some ocean between the K and the D. Where did it go? There are a LOT of plates, particularly more north, northwest that have parts of letters/numbers scraped off, a few with hardened cement on them. I have actually seen a number of cars with no plates on the back. None. Odd fixes on cars. That might be real damage to that car or fake damage. I see a lot of cars that I will post again on my Wild and Wacky Cars of Sonoma County Facebook page. I’ll be sure to do one here also.

Ed Dude – Really? He’s about as laid back as a wound up yo yo. Yin yan, a Christian fishy. Then there is the truck with the weird stuff. I just noticed. Three. You can’t get much KKKer than that. That’s all for now folks!

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