Wow! Ants are Swarming, That Means I am Hitting Some Home Runs (White Supremacists, Far Right Christians With a Christian Agenda, KKK Gangs) and Some Things for Gang Stalkers to Think About

Some of you might be thinking – why don’t I stop and go crawl under a rock? Ah, well – this harassment will not stop. Never, no way, no how. The powerful have too much to lose. Besides, as I have said many times:

  • Gang Stalking is illegal
  • Gang Stalking goes against the Constitution of the United States of America (in many ways, but look at 6)
  • We do NOT have a democracy without the sixth amendment
  • I am questioning the election even more. Bernie supporters. Ah, lots of Bernie plates in Sonoma County. How many become Trump supporters?
  • Did the election coming up or the possibility of my inheritance play a role on when this started back up. I mean – why not in 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. Makes no sense as I am sure some people are beginning to realize.
  • The last thing the Founders of our country wanted was a country that had a religious agenda. They wanted to stay away from a king AND religion. There were 13 states with 13 separate laws which were based on religion. Step into the wrong state and get your kids taken away if you were Baptist.
  • MANY people who are participating in this have sworn to uphold the Constitution. I believe for years they have put a Christian agenda ahead of their jobs – possibly hiring people based on religion when they could. Why not? It’s something we never look at. A church hiring someone who believes in their faith for a particular job is one thing. A citizen hiring for a company or a delivery service, utility, cable company, post office, law enforcement is quite another.
  • Gang Stalking breaks: Thou shall not kill. Oh yes, it does.
  • Gang Stalking and shunning are abuse – emotional abuse. Oh, not so much in my case. I know all your tricks. You’ve even brought in the Texans. I see a car or two from Texas just about every day.

So, which Christian agenda are you going to follow? A white Christian agenda – better tell the Latino Catholics, right? Back in 2012-2013, I don’t remember any involvement of Latinos except for the creepy kids on bikes that would ride around after school hours and do weird things like whistle. Were they hired? Anyway, the drivers on the road were Caucasian – White. Oh yes, Caucasian used to include so many more.

The White – is it Nationalist Agenda. Geez – which one of you is willing to move?

All abortions illegal – including one where the child is found to have ALL organs outside the body or is missing a brain? I know both couples. Talk about hell.  Are you going to stand in line to adopt the children born after exposure to Zika Virus? Like before 1973, the wealthy women will buy their way – pay off a doctor. Yep. That’s the way it always works.

Bet you haven’t thought this far ahead, right? Oh boy……………………….this would be interesting. But, it is Nazi-ism at its finest. The Nazis did not have religion, but add that in and we are looking at White Christian Supremacists. Guess what the technique will be to get people to conform. Big brother and shunning and gang stalking. You have all the kids trained to do this.

You probably expect that every single person will be able to carry his or her own weight and all that. Well, you are ignorant about mental illness – call the person crazy and kick them out…………………………..happens a LOT around teens to early twenties. Go back to the 50’s where children with ADHD were spanked in school all  the time and eventually dropped out. Where children with other disabilities dropped out, or if it was more significant the parents were told to institutionalize them – another word for warehousing people. Yep. A warehouse to keep people alive and that is it. Where do you think all those kids were before parents used the Civil Rights acts to get rights for the disabled.

Oh you think I jest. Have you looked into the beliefs of some of your fellow stalkers? Oh……… think on that one.




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