From Outside the Area Looking for KKK or White Supremacist Tells……….I Think They are Hiding

First – someone needs to tell me something – why do people have to put down others in order to feel secure. I’m serious. You are insecure if you don’t feel like you can live with others who think differently. Oh, and some of you supposedly are “normal” people who have been pulled into cults. Think of the KKK in these terms: young, lost men, disenfranchised so they go join a group (gang) for a “righteous” cause. (no, not ISIS, the KKK or other groups). Boys and their gangs.

Why are Christians threatened by Judaism? Just because someone chose another path? I don’t think Jesus or God would approve of what any of you are doing. Correction – I know Jesus and God would disapprove of what you are doing.

Here is another – gangs are gangs are gangs – guys who have to hang out with groups of other guys for their power. Take them one by one……………..just a guy, a guy, a guy. Just like all the “guys” and gals who drive these trucks. Take them out of their trucks and they are young guys or gals, guys and gals my age and older, middle aged guys and gals. Oh people.

I’ve posted on past posts about White Supremacist tells that i have seen. I’m seeing less cars with stickers and more with personalized plates. Fancier cars have most likely come up from Marin. I kid you not. Way last spring, I was sitting in the Safeway lot on Sonoma Mountain Parkway. I was with a friend and was going to run in to get some things. She commented on how swanky the cars in the lot were for Petaluma. Not only that. Sonoma Mountain Parkway is NOT where one gets off to shop if you are from Marin headed elsewhere. Not is it the route truckers would take. And why are so many people cutting through Petaluma anyway? Off the 101, cutting through on Lakeville, using Petaluma Blvd. Why?

What does the Warriors bridge emblem stand for? Something. I have seen soooo many of those. The Raiders I get. The whole crossed swords and the three “men” with helmets – the regular man, the skull and the man pulling off the face to reveal a skull. Others are fakes, made by another company, or put together by the Rabbits (stalkers who hop out of the way if a camera comes out or if someone is recording audio.

Look for skulls on license plate frames. Those are interesting tells. How does it feel for Christians to be in bed with the KKK who use 666 and other evil emblems. Their groups are gangs.

Look at my back posts for sightings. Might have to go to West County on back country roads right now. I think they are laying low.

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