Found these

The first appear to be from 2011. I was taking pictures of possible places for Hales Brother’s Department Store. My great-grandfather had worked there when the family lived here after the quake. Also, just some shots. Why of cars, I do not know.

So, a “friend”, more like fiend, asked me last year if I had these pictures. As far as I knew I did not. So, these mean something to someone. This fiend worked where I did. I stayed late and so did she. There was this one person. Some of us were talking about the upcoming election, so this was early in the school year. For just a brief moment, I saw something on his face – resentment towards those in this country that need a helping hand. See, the problem with Sonoma County, is that Latinos are definitely lagging considering the amount of time that they have been here. I lived in So Cal. The population of Sonoma State sure seems to be white. I will have to confirm this, but not tonight.

There are movies down below. I doubt if they show very much. More likely to be my ramblings. For any of those who were told this didn’t happen in 2012-2013…….well, you were lied to. See, it makes not sense at all. 2013-2014 makes sense. There was the guy with the red truck to confirm I was doing really crummy. But, 2014 – June 2016 – subbing and working at Mark West. That makes absolutely no sense at all. None. Mark West is not as convenient……………not surrounded by as many churches, fenced campus……..but, still.

MORE: I remembered the first one. I was at the Whole Foods parking lot. Not as many participating in Gang Stalking, but they are there. Among the cars. Same crud as now.

Some of these are spring 2013 as I was going to SCOE to finish my portfolio. The Vigilante Stalkers were keeping me company. I bet the KKK like groups kept a low profile. They didn’t want the Vigilantes to know they were involved. See, anything would have been possible with White Supremacists groups involved. They WOULD go to any lengths. Have someone pay a disgruntled parent (reported to CPS) to video tape me. She was at a table every day with her phone pointed at me. Bet many of you were disappointed that I made it through my portfolio process. Like the powers that be have been looking out for me.

How DO you explain the Giraffe Car parked way at the end of the lot at the Sheraton Hotel? Giraffe. Just a favorite animal around my house. It’s a shock and awe car. I doubt if it was street legal, but it has a plate.

ABOVE – NOTE the use of parking lights. Like now. SURPRISE is the name of this post. It was a surprise to me too. I had figured that I had put a copy somewhere. I was just cleaning up documents.

Petaluma and Sebastopol. I was staying at my sister’s house. Helped take care of a family member. It was warm. The idiot kid next door was washing the boat – shirtless of course. Give me a break! Ironically, this across from the school in which I worked last year.

Does anyone out there want to explain the noises that I heard on the roof? I betcha that the son of a local public servant who lives really close to my sister was behind that. He and his friends.

Part of this was taken facing east as you can see by the mountains. I have to figure out where that Jack in the Box is.

One of the following might make you dizzy. I don’t know. I am not sure if I ever looked at these. Old phone.


One is rotated, whatever that means.






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