More Personalized Plates

Keep seeing these without too many repeats – well, some. It finally is coming together. I knew there had to be some sort of zealous drive behind people wanting me not to tell others about gang stalking – in a sensible and not crazy way. Oh- Nazi Symbols. Hmmm. For some of you, maybe blackmailed. Others you have been sucked in and Gang Stalking could be in your future if you drop it now.

Anyway, I digress as usual. Oh yeah. Why not keep going? This will never stop for me. Knew that once some idiot put the vinegar – large vinegar- in the fridge. Well, shucks. You had old intel and from old sources. Sucks for you.

These plus some I didn’t get pictures of since about 4:30-6:15. Really.

Top three from Trader Joe’s Lot. Bottom from downtown. I am pretty sure that I have seen HAITTI before. Is that HAITTI or hate.

And just NOW at Trader Joe’s. Pretty sure I saw this a while back.

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