What’s Up? Where Art Thou White Supremacists? Nazi Tell Seen Often. See Post on Nazi Symbols

Driving from 116 on Stoney Point To Petaluma Blvd North traffic was normal for 10:00 at night. Yep, my memory of normal has been right on. 

​​I actually took video of Stoney Point, Sonoma Mountain Parkway and Capri Creek Apartments. Normal which is abnormal. For 13 months, traffic where I have been has been abnormal except for a while at the center park area in Sebastopol. That was before Christmas. Normal amount of cars going around.

How could either one happen? How can “people” go from stalking mods to normal mode so quickly. Group text. It can be a huge group. I was just part of one during the fires. My work. 

As strange as this sounds, these droids have driven down Sonoma Mountain Parkway on a regular basis. Stepford people. Looking out towards Sonom Mountain Parkway this evening, the traffic going by seemed fairly normal. 

Makes me want to drive to Sebastopol and see what normal looks like. Instead of always seeing one car or another even at 10:00 at night, I would only see a car or two. 

What is up? 

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