“My” Personalized Plates

First – Friday I saw 5 police cars. There were local and then there was one from Petaluma. What? You were in Penngrove and started to head over to take a break – out of your area? I don’t know how that works.

I see a LOT of personalized plates. That tells me something…………….more than normal of the people around me are full of themselves. You don’t have to be, but I think many are. Their way or the highway.

I have just a sample from November through the 20th of October. NOW IT INCLUDES MOST OF SEPTEMBER Wow!

Look below for Most of September.

First – an observation. There are only two skeletons that go with that helmet and one is still a man. The other is the man taking off his mask and then he is a skeleton. I think there are three men. So, this is a skeleton taken and someone has made


My friend, Harley, and a rotten skull.

Skeleton Crew


THAT is a fake one. Skeleton

Out of state, personalized. Interesting?





Some of the following may be repeats. I would not be surprised.

I repeated some. Better that than leave any car that is personalized, out of state or unusual out, right?



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