White Supremacy Alive, Well, and Growing in California

And they don’t want us to know it. No way! Not until we are a Christian Country.  Bet there are more and more of you each ready to believe it.  

Could be a White Supremacist or Nazi tell. If I had not seen these skeletons over and over again I wouldn’t have thought too much of it. 

Want to know if they are in your town, and stalking someone? Stalking in order to shut them up. Look for a parking lot with too many cars in it considering the number of open businesses. Look for cars driving with their parking lights on when it is sunny. Look for quirky but repetitive car stickers or stickers that could represent the old Nazis. Those are used by groups such as the KKK. Seriously, this stuff is coming out bit by bit.  KKK members and similar groups are known to use certain “Tells” to be able to identify each other when out and about. 

One thing I am positive of-they do not want their non Supremacist or super right evangelical friends or anyone to know what they are. 

Imagine IF for the last 20-30 years they have been hiring a lot more people into jobs, to further their agenda? Delivery people especially. 

Look for cars that are a bit too posh for a town/area and cars with crazy changes or are wrecked here and there. More than normal. These are driven people working to conquer, spread their agenda, and fight for their god and savior – nope, not the Taliban or Isis. I can see the comparison. Nope, at this stage, they are trying to discredit their enemies with no touch torture.  

Like this: 

This is just a few of about 15 cars parked in the Kohl’s Petaluma store at 10:00 on a Thursday night. Thing is- these were way at the other side of the parking lot. Even all the workers except for a few were gone for the night. 

Yep. Could be a couple generations or more indoctrinated into thinking their way is the best and superior way. Plus, the retirees who have been waiting for their chance. 

Above is a teacher’s desk and a student desk. Front of student triangular desk should be aligned with teacher desk. A whole row like this. Stupid. That is something I would never do. 

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