WWII – White Supremacists, KKK, White Nationalists, ALL Gangstalkers, Vigilante Stalkers, Mob Stalkers…..WWII Was Not Fought For You!!!

More to come on that. My uncle fought in WWII. My Dad fought in WWII, my mother-in-law fought in WWII, my father-in-law fought in WWII – BUT NOT FOR YOU  (anyone who participated in any type of Vigilante Justice. Anybody for any reason. 


I just read up on the start of the war. The U.S.was neutral for a few years while our allies were fighting for their lives. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. We had been already gearing up for war, and had been getting supplies to Great Britain.  

The United States could have decided to only go to war against Japan. But we didn’t. Plus Hitler underrated the United States capabilities to fight back and Hitler didn’t like the way we enjoyed jazz music and didn’t control “our” groups of people that he felt were inferior to his lily white comrades. What color eyes did he have? No, really. I can’t remember. 

My dear uncle was a bombardier and dropped bombs on Dresden. One of the most peace loving and kindest man in the world. Why would he do that job? We were fighting the Nazis and all they represented. My dad could not pass the eye test. However, he “stopped using his glasses and his eyes got stronger.”  Yeah, right. Over the years he got a bit closer to the truth. He memorized the whole damn eye chart! My dad did not cuss much, but he would approve. He was a 90 day wonder. Was on a sub, brought troops home, and caught a glass container of lighter fluid some idiot threw in the air. Why? To fight the Nazis. Japan was in bed with the Nazi’s. There was a fairly strong anti-Semitic group in the US. Had to blame someone for the depression, right. Though, Germans were suffering from agreements made after WWI.That left the country vulnerable to Hitler whose rise to power came about in the earlier part of the 30’s. My mother-in-law was in the Army and was an Army nurse. Yes, she and the majority of the country were Meanwhile…..Today’s views 

I had cancer. I wore a cancer sucks pin. I cannot fathom why someone would replace the u with a skull. Really?

Ugly skull, crossed swords, Saint’s Cross on something else. 

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