MORE: Possible Nazi and White Supremacist “Tells”

Another link to a symbol I have seen used a lot in Sonoma County. It’s the flag with the blue line. The makers of the flag are dismayed that it is being used by White Supremacist groups. It’s now been outed along with the people in Sonoma County who use it.

I doubt if AAA would like their stickers used to let Far, far right “Christians” (used very loosely) tell each other from the normal rest of us. However, I see them so often. Remember – above the norm. Way above the norm.

I need to post links to articles put online fairly recently. Maybe the White Supremacists, Neo Nazis, and Extreme Right think that this is their time in history to make the U.S. a Christian Country again (there is no again if you study why the Baptists wanted the Constitution so badly).

They have been using all the latest tech to tout their cause, make obstacles in the form of people disappear without laying a hand on them. Guess what? While drawing all this attention to yourselves, you forgot something. Everyone else has access to this technology. Reporters are reporting on how biker groups and White Supremacist groups were separate, but now the lines are blurred.

Yep, an awful lot of Harley Stickers in, what we Sonomians call West County. Look at the wings and Nazi symbols. It is not Harley’s fault. A lot of good people, including even some biker gangs have ridden Harleys.

No where to hide, no where to run.


Tikki torches, what one might see as an X can be a saint’s cross. He was executed on that style of cross. Note: a number of countries use that cross in their flag design. In the United States, however, it is linked with the Confederate flag. On the shield’s of some KKK was an eagle symbol that is VERY much like one I have seen in Sonoma County.

Following seen at Charlottesville:

Vanguard America Hate Groupe

White axes with handles wrapped in bundles.

Symbol of Identity Evropa, also, “The Dragon’s Eye”. originating in CA

 Whoa! Look at the possible White Supremacists’ tells/emblems on that white truck.

Then we come to the silver SUV. A number there. So far, just Nor Cal Vigilante Stalkers tells like the fox and that funny dancing crab or whatever. Someone told me that it is a logo for a gun group or some such group. I just know that I have seen it on a lot of vehicles – particularly when I worked in Sebastopol.

The Monster Logo has been adopted by White Full of Themselves Supremacists. Much to the company’s dismay. I think that it possibly has been used for a while. It stands for 666 somehow – to some far, far out there extremists.

Metal Mulisma. Check it out. Clothing line that is perfect for any skull seeking kkker or White Supremacist group.

These look innocent enough, but I don’t know enough – the secret handshake like we had as kids or the White Supremacist or No Touch Torture Tells.

Center across from SSU.

I put this up. Turns out I really need to submit one before bipping over to the other. I guess I can see the sentiment. I just don’t understand the skull and crossbones.

Taco Bell night – tonight. 

Is that International Association Of Fire Fighters?  Is that my friend, Harley??? I have noticed a LOT of Harley fans – particularly in and around  Sebastopol, CA. I hated to think that Harley is a tell, but not the fault of Harley or those who have them and have no idea that there might be a local White Sepremacist movement that is also a bike group.

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