Photos disappeared, but were in cyberspace all along. Here they are.

Now, I cannot say that anyone is anything or has done anything. All I know is that I see a LOT of cars with similar issues, license plate frames, bumper stickers, ad nauseum. BTW. I would not hurt anyone – except in self defense. I have NO PROBLEM protecting myself or others. The stomping on Ants was an image that popped up in my head.

I am leaving the place markers where photos used to be. There must have been the photo of the mother of all Nazi related symbols there. I took the photos last night. A guy pulled up next to me near Straw Hat Pizza in Rohnert Park. I realized he was looking at some device very intently. I took off. I have had photos disappear from my camera. I’m sure the technology is there.

If I remember right, Many of the car stickers were on the right back window. So, this was a small SUV of some sort. On the back there was tape used to partially cover up a car logo. The tape duplicated a log that was on the window upper rear. I believe there was a line of orange over a line of red. Definitely, orange and red. 

Found in Cyberspace on 11/4. Original post on 11/3. Photos removed from my phone – not by me. But, here they are.

What does the yellow/orange and red mean.


I was going to post about tells in general and include White Supremacist tells. But – the White Supremacists won out tonight. These are ones I have seen today. MOST from about 5:30 on.

I had no idea how much skulls are connected with the KKK. Did you hear about the Klansman who, more or less said that he was glad that one of the protesters died? And some of you people call yourself Christians.  There were one or two skulls on this car. The main one was included in with the name of a line of clothing………….Musica Metalic or something like this. Ah, found it – Metal Mulisha. Lots of skulls on these clothes. Check it out.


There was a truck with a large Monster Drink logo sticker in the back window.


So, the KKK only allows in White Christians. Hmmmmm. They use skulls, 666, and horrid things. You really want your group associated with the KKK?




I guess none of you are Patriots, because anyone who does this stomps on the Constitution.

That was referring to a bumper sticker on a car about Patriots.

I really wish I had been wrong. I was flabbergasted that people would participate in Vigilante stalking because it could be used by so many vile people for so many vile causes. I was right. Maybe some of you didn’t know or many of you chose to ignore the signs. Es muy stupido!

Muy stupido. There obviously was an image down below. I might have made a mistake when I went to post, but when I made the post early on at Straw Hat Pizza and continued it around the corner, the photos were there. That post is out there somewhere in cyberspace. It just is.


I guess it is kind of like Trump, right? He doesn’t quite go far enough in condemning white supremacist.  They may be extreme, but help push his agenda.



I didn’t see any Oakland Raiders fans today. There is the Oakland Raiders regular face in the helmet, there is the Oakland Raiders skull in a helmet. Then, you can go to a NON RAIDERS Raider site and see some of the creepiest, deformed, twisted skulls and crossbones.

I looked up the Oakland Raiders official logos. There is the one that has the man with the helmet. Then there is one with the player who has turned into a skeleton. There may be one where the man is taking off a mask and there is a skeleton head underneath.

All the other “Oakland Raiders” type logos are not produced by the Oakland Raiders. Go look for them. They are good.

Nope. You are guilty by association. Yep!

Metal Melushma. Look up the clothes. Evil. Interesting eagles, lightening, and a lot of skulls.


Speaking of crossbones. I think some of the crossed symbols are what they are supposed to be. Some might be representing a certain’s Saints cross. It is used in many flags. The Confederate flag being one of them. Yes, that is a cross, not an X.



Mistake – How badly did someone want these photo to be non existent?


Some of these people drive vehicles that are unsightly, messy, cruddy, distorted.  Just like what they do to Christianity. Twisted version. Oh, I hate to break it to you, but Jesus Christ does not meet your definition of white.


For the longest time, I didn’t really think Texas plates meant that there were more of these stalkers from Texas. I have seen plates from all over, but that was in the summer. When I looked up White Supremacist groups, Texas was a red flag because of some group.

I continue to see more Texas plates than- I have ever seen before. I think I will continue to see Texas plates. The majority of plates that I have seen are from Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. Texas is far. AZ and Nevada are pretty common. Utah not so much except on interstate routes and National Parks. Two cars from Texas in this Safeway lot on Sonoma Mountain Parkway.

Is anyone going to tell the Latinos about Pence’s white Christian Country? How about the KKK?

This was in the Safeway lot after 10:00. I was in the middle of an aisle way at the edge of the lot. Here is a car just behind and to the right. It is running, but it was just sitting there and sitting there. I move back to see the plate. Idiot – you will see why in a minute.  He  put his foot on the brake.  Classic  move to man

Found in Cyberspace. Why removed in the first place?



He put his foot on the brake. Why? Most likely to block me from taking a picture of a plate. I have my ways. He was just ready to pounce and jumps out, “Hey, why are you taking a picture of my plate?”   I respond with something about being a white Supremacist. Him being a white supremacist. He said no more as I drove away.

Various and Sundry plates from yesterday.

Above: Safeway parking lot around 10:00


So, Mormons, Catholics, Seven Day Adventists, Evangelicals – any of you for a Christian Country – those from those religions that I have seen evidence of. You are in bed with these people. You are using Vigilante Harassment/No Touch Torture to see that your agenda gets in place. How do you feel about the Neo Nazi agenda. Open your eyes.

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