Be Careful When You Get on Your High Horse – Miss Deming’s Tale

So, my Dad’s mother’s family has the Slocum coat of arms. I mentioned that the Slocums down the street had a very similar coat of arms. When my grandmother and Great Aunt Eva came down, they went and visited the Slocums. Sure enough, We are related. Probably going back to seventh cousins, but how cool is that. Oh. It hit me when I was writing this, that I must have had a good eye for detail. Oh. 

Well, Miss Deming Or Demming, was my violin teacher for many years. I wasn’t great, but good enough. I had noticed a family crest on one of her walls. She got a smile on her face (she wasn’t the kind to smile a lot). She said that she looked into the origins of the crest. It was nice and colorful. I know there were hunters on it. She smiled again when she said that she found out that the Deming crest that she had depicted poachers. Here’s to you Miss Deming!

How serendipitous. I was just looking at a report that my daughter did on South Africa. I had always really liked the design, but didn’t realize what it was until I saw it on this car. I looked it up. It is the flag from 1994. The newly adopted flag as apartheid ended. 

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