The More of You There Are- Tells Me How Very Close I Am. Pence Followers. Latinos, Si se puede. You can show the people who are for a “White” Christian Nation That You Are Strong 

I see fewer and fewer Latinos and many more crawling lily white ants and rabbits. I can’t say boycott certain types of people because that discriminates. BUT, maybe I can find out all the businesses Trump and Pence are involved with and make different choices. I bet there were a lot of sceptics during the bus boycott. I bet no one thought boycotting lettuce and grapes would do anything. My family boycotted grapes. Go Cesar Chavez!!!!!! Si se puede and so can the other hundreds of thousands of people of peaceful versions of the various and sundry faiths and cultures!!!!!!

Tango tres classes en espanol, pero no recuerdo mucho. Es triste, verdad? I could be wrong. Maybe the Latino Christians are included – but, there are more and more of these stalkers the closer I get to the truth. Watch your backs. Some of these people are Neo Nazis. I saw an iron cross on a van or truck. There can be other groups that use the iron cross. But…….skulls and crossbones. There have been recent articles stating how White Supremacist groups identify each other with symbols. 

Are many of them Chritians for a White Christian Country? Look what has happened since Trump was elected. If Trump goes, Pence will be in. He wants the United States to be a white Christian Nation under white Christian laws. 

Don’t think it could be true? A year ago I thought that Trump had zero chance. Ha! 

10:00 on Tuesday, October 31, 2017. Nothing strange about it except one of these had done the whole lot the night before. 

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