All Neo Nazis or white Supremists? Not all, but enough. I make a great target. I have seen it all. 

So, Monster emblems recently claimed by White Supremacists to stand for 666. See any skulls and crossbones? I saw all the pictures, and that’s when my memory was sparked. May be…….

Is this a fox? Strange legs. 

Those of you who get that I have been “watched” for over a year, and also 11 months in 2012, and think that just doesn’t jive with any psych profile for real or on TV -you just spend as much time volunteering to help someone – spending as much time and paying in as much as you have spent in gas. For repentance. Not asking for forgiveness. You can do that too, but you do the crime, you spend the time. 

In a parking lot. Very busy parking lot. Why tropical/Hawaiian anything?

You don’t think there are white supremacists among you? Have you seen the big trucks driven by some ……kids. One horn blares like the one from that show, and another had a huge confederate flag on it. This was Petaluma. Safeway On Somoma Mountain Parkway. Way out of their way. 

I will be posting pics of cars and trucks. I can’t say any of them are doing anything wrong. But, if anyone has gone out of their way to make me feel threatened – with the intent of threatening me, cause  I Sure as hell don’t feel threatened – well, you have stalked me according to CA law. Yes sirree! I am going to post one in amongst the others that I really do feel is a vehicle of a Neo nazi or at least a White Supremacist. He sure has a mouth that needs to be washed out with soap. 

Happy Halloween?

If you aren’t. Well, you are associating with these people. Lots of Trump supporters because of all the Bernie stickers. 

Hmmmm. Seen this at least once before. I don’t think I saw it in Petaluma last time. 

I have seen the Eagle Scout Truck before. I don’t know about lime green. I can’t remember Franklin, but when I see Snoopy, I say in a high pitched voice, “Snoopy!”

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