T.I.s or Targeted Individuals – How to Protect Yourself and How To Stay in Control

Survivors! That is what you are if strange events caused by Vigilantes have been happening to you. With these strange events ALL can be explained, but there is physical ebidence. Something you can see and take a picture of. Physical evidence can be as simple as safety pins found in different places. Maybe they just seem to appear – Did you pick something up that one could have been tucked in? If there is physical evidence and people acting weird it is not in your head. 

First thing- find a safe place to sleep at night.  A place that no one can get inside. This is to keep these creeps from playing mind games with you where you sleep. Don’t be surprised if you see something right when you are getting ready for bed that has been moved or put there or unplugged. Check the time and sound on an alarm clock. Move something in front of the door. Put a chair under a door handle. Tilt the chair, but also put something between the chair and another solid object. Something can be pushed under a door to move the chair. If you would wake up, you are fine, but if you are a heavy sleeper or have to take meds to sleep, take extra precautions. Whatever you need to sleep. 

Come up with a comic picture of what these dweebs look like. Is that called a Boggart in Harry Potter? You laugh at the bogey man and he loses his power. Remember that there is always an explanation. Always! 

Someone questions you? Learn to lie. You recently started having symptoms of OCD. You are overly focused on security. 

If something seems impossible, but that is the only answer, then that is the answer. There is a deck next door, but also a good sized ledge. With my door barricaded someone got in. If you have watched any gymnatics, this woul be simple for a second story man. I barricade the door to the deck. No more problems at night. 

Not getting any responses from emails sent out. Maybe you did, but it was erased. I sent an author an email. Had I not found his response, and started writing a reply, I never would have know that he replied. His reply was not available via Computer. I responded via phone. Take screen shots. I can no longer find his email or my reply On my phone. 

This guy drove up and parked in my complex. Why do so many people appear strange? You never quite get a good look at their faces. It had become interesting looking at people and see how they get in and out of their cars while never letting you see their faces. What was interesting here is that I went to close a blind that I have had trouble with. It came crashing down. No response. 

Banging coming near the floor near my bed. The lady downstairs was never home, but it would be very easy to access that patio. I have just yelled that I will call the police. It stopped. 

Interesting. It was getting laborious to text, but now it seems fine. Do I think someone can make it harder to text? You bet I do! Just as easy to do that as it is to use your phone as a listening device, make it play music, reset the alarm and more. Turn your phone to privacy, turn off Wi fi, and blue tooth off. See what happens when you go into the streets of a suburb and wind in and out. You may see a dweeb driving or pulling out. But, the overall traffic is reduced a lot. 

U Haul. Everything is on a computer. Even who rented out this vehicle. One thing these Naxis like to do is drive by where you live. Idea appears to make you tense to know they are there. Whoop Dee-doo. Interesting driving paturn. Someone drives by in a rush then goes really slowly when out of camera range or rushes but turns into parking space. 

The red car rushed by and turn the corner after I got the plate. The van pulled in, then pulled in again.  I see those type of parking difficulties a lot. Geez, that is so me. See it much more than normal. 

HE is greater than i is a clothing apparel store in Hawaii. Anything Hawaiian is a “tell”. I just read that it has religious meaning. Another tell. 

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