Rohnert Park, California – A Gangstalking Capitol

I have decided that Rohnert Park along with Cotati is one of the Gangstalking Capitols in California. I am predicting that Technology gets the better of Vigilante Stalkers, and one day they will go down in flames. 

Ones above are from two times today. WEDNESDAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN Going round and round in circles some of them. Why would you people all have bees in your bonnets? Could it be a Christian movement? Religion is what makes the world go round and round, and spreads fear, hate. So Christlike.  Fear of others being different. Could it be white Christians?  Look it up. Spreading. 

One reason I think Rohnert Park is the Gang Stalking Capitol of Northern California has to do with its location. Convenient. I could say the same about Santa Rosa, CA I suppose. Major roads surrounding it. By major, I don’t mean wide but how accessible they are from other locations.

ABOVE – one wild and wacky car and another wild and wacky car. Rohnert Park beat Taco Bell/Home Depot area. 

ABOVE. – a few more wild and wacky cars last evening and today. FRIDAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN

Cars from today and the last few days. The white truck in the bottom picture was sitting there with its lights on and motor going straight out from Taco Bell facing the freeway wall. 

ROADS: 101, Petaluma Hill Road, 116 Out Of Sebastopol, 112 From Sebastopol, all those small towns, and Sonoma and Napa, Stoney Point… easy peasy Lemon Squeezy 

Car without handle once again. See this tree? When you join us put one of these in your car. Fancy or not. If you let it soak in water, then dry it out, it is almost bearable to be in the car. Anything else hanging down will do also. This was manned by an African American man.   I THINK EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THE SIXTH AMENDMENT. 

THINK BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER ISN’T OKAY BECAUSE ALL THAT WAS IN THE PAST. THE LAST KNOWN LYNCHING WAS IN 1968. I was 13. Tell this to the African American man who has lived in well off areas his whole life. The police would pick him up and take him home. Low and behold he lived where he said he lived. Now he is stopped when he drives into his neighborhood. 


THIS EVENING IN PETALUMA. I was sitting outside the Safeway Store in Petaluma on Sonoma Mountain Parkway for a long time. I had a bee in my bonnet. I was looking up symbols just because of that one symbol on onevehicle. They had not left by ten and they had a little kid in the car.  VERY STRANGE. VERY. They were there for at least a half hour or more before I went into the store and then left at 9:58. I really didn’t pay much attention, but it looked like they were sitting there eating popcorn. 

I was spot on when I thought that the driver was going to jump out and yell at me. I pulled over to the other lane in the lot. Wow! Eagle eye or eyes in the back of his head. I got it and his door opened at the same time. Oh no!!!!! Does that Latino officer know what some of your ilk are like? Maybe he is a good guy. 

Gee, why would this guys door open so fast. They were looking back. I would say that THAT IS STALKING.


Shows what I see daily. Actually a few times when I am out. 8-9 Times one day this week. So, if you are out this way, take a gander at the cars with one light out or one dim.  Then, there is a floppy switch to turn the light back on.

Regarding Raiders car. You think these were taken at the same time? No way Jose! One was taken near work after work and the other was not too far from work, but half an hour or more later. I also saw this within the last few days. 

Fortune favors the bold. Come join me and make these dweebs go down in flames.  As it is, I have seen which way the wind is blowing. Going down. Sometime. 

You want to see this in action, come to this town on a school day. All you have to do to spot them and fit in is to watch for cars with parking lights on and turn yours on.  Then, when you see people driving with stiff arms, arms hanging out the window, you do the same. Make sure you have a hat and swipe at your hair or face. Look like a Stepford person. They think they are as right as rain, and know which way the wind blows, but none of them are playing with a full deck. 

Follow a postal truck, UPS Truck, beat up cars, cars with international association of fire fighters stickers, unusual cars. So many groups have jumped on the bandwagon, you can’t miss them. 

All you need to do is have a conservative hair style (men) or a man bun. Short beards are good. Though I see some long. Women – have your hair pulled back. Retired police officer, Sheriff look is fine. Just about any look. Follow their lead. No sweat if you know what to look for. Drastic times call for drastic methods. 

That symbol was not on the truck – I don’t think. It was on a car. I think. It bugged me. Looks a bit like a modern version of an Aryan symbol. 

I don’t sit and watch them, but I think I have hit the nail on the head. I saw a few cars twice on the same day in Sebastopol. I figured that some cars would go around two times. A picture paints a thousand words. Don’t forget that. These people are not worth a dime, but they have proven that a little learning can be a dangerous thing. 

What they do threatens our democracy, separation of church and state and more. They are the pot calling the kettle black. Talk about the second amendment, and Christian and white rights, but familiarity breeds contempt. 

Saw a car today with the iron cross which doesn’t mean much without something else. Can’t find anything on the word trash and the iron cross . Saw a cowboy in a truck He would not be offended. We have cowboys. I miss the old guys who would meet on Kentucky in their overalls. 

Liberal Sonoma County. About 10 years ago my daughter and I were in Guerneville. I stopped at a stop sign. The man on the corner acted like he did not want to cross. He looked old from years in the sun. He was wearing an old flannel shirt. He was Latino. An old school laborer. What had some white people done to him? He crossed. 

Just now. Outside CVS ON McDowell. At red box with lights flashing. I didn’t get a picture of the guy, ….oh I sort of did. Darn, wish I had my blaze orange shirt on. You know. The color named by my uncle’s company?  DayGlo!!!!

Oooh! Spooky, right. So 2013. 

Greater ton. I think it is a super duty. Or is it the other one. I just got the joke. It’s a bigger ton. I don’t think Grandpa has told the grandson. Grandson looked surprised. Though that happens. Stepford grandson or not? Any way you look at it, much better driver than grandpa who has to keep pulling in and out of that space just like so many of these dweebs. I can’t park worth a darn. I know I used to be better. I think. My dad taught us all how to parallel park using huge pigment containers which were our trash cans. How cool is that?

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