Targeted Individuals – Gangstalkers Are Cowards in So Many Ways – Photos Make Them Scamper Away

OMG. You should see the traffic. Going to do a post just dedicated to Rohnert Park. California. It is in  Nor Cal. 

Geez. Maybe  better tell his wife he has a problem. Two can accuse. If such detail, bet it is a sheriff from 20 years ago. Just not the one I thought. 

There are different types of smarts. Problem in this country is law doesn’t bother to learn anything about mental health. Yes, Reagan took away funding. I read the ultimate textbook on my subject. Tell the sheriff and other law deeebs/ I have the smarts regarding bipolar and you guys know shit   Actually, they don’t know shit. Don’t get mad. Then you do stupid things and I get great pics. 

I am tired and punchy. There has never been any there, there. A biochemical disorder in one of its mildest forms. So you idiots are SOL. Yep. How do you explain that? SOL. All you big Truck veterans, fire fighters, and police officers et al. Have you read the 6th Amendment yet. SOL. Not working you dweebs. 

Oh, mildest form then. Even now BP II with depression dominant. Really only. Anxiety. But Effexor effective. I can go into big box stores. You people are great. I take too many drugs that can affect an older brain. You are helping counter that. 

Let’s see. 2.6 % Of your kids will have bipolar.  How many unipolar? Schizophrenic? Don’t wish any of those on anyone. I found something I can pray about regarding you dweebs – none of your kids have a mental disorder.  (When Prayer is Not Enough-catchy). 

This person has to watch his temper. 

TO ONE OF THE PUPPETMEISTERS.  Yea, a while back your significant other (I am guessing) drove the car out. 

Really? Boy, someone took some really detailed notes twenty years ago. But, you never knew what was going on in MY life. Can’t duplicate holding a family together in three states and back to the first, having survived the Halloween Storm, 6 months of morning sickness, culture shock, contaminated well, four month miscarriage, tornado warnings, a stern preschool teacher, inundation by school flyers and cries for money. No, wasn’t like that in OR or MN. STUPID IDIOTS. 

Today – not three curricula, but four of you have people in different spots, counseled a sweet but stubborn magnificent kid. 5th! Nope. Someone must not buy into the bipolar diagnosis. You can talk it over with the ex head of Marin General psych. Kaiser- once a year? No wonder you have been sued. Second, tried warning this Latino driver. He wouldn’t listen. I think the word Priest bothered him. Oh, I am just now thinking how ironic this is. Need mandated reporters for churches. 

So, which car now Puppetmeister? Grumpy. No, I had had it by the time I entered. Playing detective to find a missing iPad, finding the culprit for a damaged computer, not having TV When my students need it the most- visual. Have not used it one day with students. THAT is a crime. Apple trying to get me to use Apple Pay, phone not getting a signal, and my mind at the end of the day is just like the kids. Focus? What’s that. Trying to get the scoring program for assessment, kids at lunch,

Nope- think you have my dad’s German eyes. But not the twinkle from way back when. Not the voice. Age is totally off. Plus, you are one of them. 

Thought I would have time in the morning.  Nope. Like to understand and boy that is moving fast. I got an A- in computer science.  I only cried once. I was in the MAC class. No warning. I had a PC and was a perfectionist. Tired. Too young. OMG. After the hell my ex put me through, I would have to have my head examined to even think about Oh, I have for 20 years. You aren’t an overly conscientious person for 20 year, come. 

Night.  Something about th

Something about 62. Doze

Oil WEDNESDAY – cowards because you don’t have the gumption to ask the Puppetmeisters how and when they got any information they have. Afraid to ask the Bishops and priests and reverends. Who did they here it from. Cowards because this is part of your social group. The thrill. Yes, some do this with their churches. I can tell by their shocked faces when I say so. A few have given looks of chagrin c

Aha!  The lady in the car. I had gotten the same grey cotton top with buttons. I didn’t wear mine because you had it. Kurt, stalking only takes 2 times. So, being someplace at a time when you might not have been there qualifies.

Added on Tuesday. Some are such mice that they park in the overflow lot at Amy’s along the drive when there clearly is plenty of parking. 

Can you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are a good person? One who does not listen to what someone says, even if they are in a leadership role. Can you say you are a Christian if you do this? Read the New Testament. Can you look yourself in the eye and say that psychological torture is okay for you and your kids to do? Can you say that you are a good citizen knowing that you are committing a crime and violating the sixth amendmant? That particularly applies to people who have taken a pledge. Can you say with 100% certainty that if someone had the means and motive that they could not have set me up? Can you make any sense out of this happening in 1997, 2012-2013, then a long break when I was working that this makes any sense? Can you look yourself in the eye and truly say this is on you-not because it is what your church is doing? Can you look at yourself knowing that a Democracy cannot exist without a legal system? Can you explain how this has gone on for over a year with me not falling for one of your set ups? Can you guarantee me that you could never be set up like this? Are you going along with being afraid of what you don’t understand and have no intention of understanding? Are you going by the stereotype of the sensational crimes committed by two women who were teachers and have bipolar disorder? I don’t suppose you pay attention to the thousands of us who function fine or do the best they can. Statistics go against those two headline cases. Age of 42. Right. Do you have the courage to find the names of 100s of people with bipolar who have done great works? Can you explain to me why that sheriff glared at me in 2008. Stopped his car in front of mine? Can you say that you are stalking me, not because an acquaintance or friend is a law enforcement officer or a fire fighter?  Can you say that even if you no longer are certain of what you have been told that you are not stalking in order to keep this going? 

Do you have the courage to look yourself in the mirror and not feel guilty or remorseful? 

I can. 

Above is at Amy’s. 

Here is just a teeny part of a screenshot that I took about 5 minutes ago. And I am not at home. 

Messy, messy. But, I got most of my evacuation items back in my apartment. I love this picture. 

Boy, did this guy Skeedaddle. I wasn’t going to mess with him. Sharp features. Beard, but not long. If eyes could kill.  Hate to stereotype. Just want to paint a picture. If he was in films, he would play a bada** felon.

I am 31-33% sure that he or she from RP saw me taking pics. Or just missed winning the bet. 
T.I.s. They scratch their faces, rub their noses, flip their hair not only to make you note their presence but to distract you. They don’t want you to know who they are. Bullies are cowards. They participate in mob violence. I am sure I shocked some of these Stepford people. Maybe their masks cracked. Yes, you are a mob, you stalk, and you are trying to cause emotional damage. Silly, stupid people. 

Dangerous for the country people. Raise a fuss about the 2nd amendment and your rights, but probably don’t even know what the treasured 6th Amendment is. 

Really? I used the part of this holder for months with my phone. Ooooh, Aaaaah. No. Why would I change it. Sure won’t hold my phone now. Also, I always check to make sure the air is on recycle. It has been that way for months. I could tell that it had been turned off. I have asthma. Air clean, but exhaust isn’t. 

The loud breaking glass sound had no effect. There is no glass to break. I tried looking in the lights. One you could push the lens up, but not the other one. I have been waiting for a realistic noise. Like the one that sounded just like a fairly good sized rock hitting my windshield in 2012-2013. Smoke and mirrors people. Ditto. 

Full of yourselves. Personalized plate with SIRENIA, red fire fighter’s hat. Two stickers. One is international association of fire fighters. Really. 

COWARDS: The Miranda Act? No case without it. Won’t look the accused in the eye. Coward. Don’t want the accused to see your eyes. Cowardice. Many against one. 

Bullies, as these “people” are, by definition, spineless. The KKK wore hoods. These wimps hide behind the headlights of a car, or a motorcycle helmet, or flashing lights and sirens. Yep. I thought it was just a few like the highway patrolman on Stoney Point who had a perso Pull in front, then he “pulled her over”. 

The old executioners wore masks. These Stepford people are like that. Modern day executioners don’t wear masks. I don’t think anyone should kill some defenseless person. Not even the State. 

But these wimps do. Yep, won’t walk up to me to tell me what’s up. That is something a coward does. Won’t look into what the accusations are or even if any time lines make sense.  

They play dumb tricks or try to cause inconvenience. Like this:

Custodian trick. Put the cleaning carts in the way. This was in my way, but I moved it to this spot. In his way. 

One person whose face I have seen. It is amazing what people can do in order for you not to see their faces. Act like they are looking for something in a car – for a long time. Yesterday, there was a lady in line at the Kaiser pharmacy in Rohnert Park. Something was off and it was more than the purple in her hair. She has short hair. I saw real bobby pins. Then she had added a hairpiece with purple color. One guy in Sebastopol recently had a braid sticking out from under his hat. It wasn’t a real braid. 

These idiots let children do their work. Smart people, really smart. Don’t know a damn thing about the human brain. Not a thing. 

I thought on the “coasts” that we can look at things differently. But, Harley, Big trucks, lots of flags (fine, but LOTS!), International Association Of Fire fighter’s, veterans (WWII vets fought against this very thing), some from very strict religions, think they are detectives and police officers in disguise postal workers and UPS drivers. Would think that there are no big city real detectives. Hopefully, they know better. More right than left. Can’t love the Constitution though. Oh, many former vets are in the reserves. You know what that means. I truly think most of you are ignorant enough to go by rumor, inuendo, pre conceptions. Boy, was I naive when I thought we had moved forward enough that I could tell people. Nope. Backwards. 2.6 %. 

But, NONE of you would get my, “thirty people in a room”. Thirty people in a room with breast cancer and each one is different. Same with bipolar disorder. Guess I was wrong. I did tell Mr. G at a football game. A lightbulb went on. My ex was berating me. I was hoping he hadn’t seen that. 

Man who did not give his deceased brother’s son a penny. Bought a car and hid that from me. Lied about the insurance. I looked up the VIN. BOUGHT two timeshares without me agreeing. Is that the person who paved the way? Wonder if he said he was divorcing me. Nope. Legal record. Look up the deposition also. It came out that he was supporting me financially while I was fighting breast cancer. Yes, really. 

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