Possible Reasons That I am a Target / Survivor of Gang Stalking / Cause Stalking — Bonus Feature: Tips for T.I.s or TIs

From October 2012-September 30, 2013 I was harassed, stalked, had gaslighting pulled, etc. It wasn’t quite like this time. Not as many IDIOTS for one thing. But, then I didn’t know what was going on or why. I thought it could have been connected in some way to my first go round in 1996, but really didn’t have too much time to think about it.

BONUS TIP NUMBER 1: Find a safe place to sleep and keep your pills, phone and any essentials with you. What you may think is essential now may not be later.

However, I DO believe that I acted crazy enough during that period (and this) to have any pictures or videos of that time used to motivate people this time. I can just hear their minds saying something like: Oh sh#*, there is not way that crazy lady should be in a classroom!” But, the real crazy thing is that if you knew what was going on back then and if you know what is going on now, it all makes sense. Some people would have had to just to fade into the background, quit work, and try to survive continued harassment. Everyone is different and I’m the perfect survivor because of so many reason – One being that I saw a very rudimentary form of this harassment in 1996. It is because of that experience that I am here again today, but it is also one of the reasons I am a survivor!

I didn’t stop work, or recede into myself, but survived for a LONG time. Going through this type of mobbing, you feel like you are losing control. Well, it is being taken away from you. Pics from 2012 would show me going into a CVS, coming out and moving my car, going in, coming out, etc. I had had my work computer stolen and was justifiably paranoid that my personal computer would be stolen also. I also had persistent gaslighting at my house. White hole punch pieces looked like my white ativan. The gunk that is on the inside of my mirror now and the inside of my windshield was on my bathroom mirror.And on and on. (It really was stupid putting it on the inside of my car. Like – I would put something like that when I am trying to see. Really?)

People involved in Mobbing come from all walks of life: pickpockets, magicians, lock smiths, gymnasts, bikers and bikers, moms, dads, strict religions (more to the right to the very, very, very strict) and others.

My pills were stolen from my house. There was one – Effexor, that has one of the shortest half lives of any antidepressant. Ask around. There is someone you know who takes Effexor. I should know. I went through an interesting day of withdrawal symptoms. Some people would have been freaking out. I had my daughter stay in the room while my ex traced down some Effexor. Me – I documented what I was feeling – zapping in my toes………I don’t think I got the flu like symptoms – that time. Anyway, for me to have pills stolen back then, with all my other stressors – well, caused major stress. Notice I say back then. I am in such a different place – including being older and probably will be able to cut back on meds some when these idiots get out of my life. Also, I have bipolar disorder and I am a person with bipolar disorder who is very conscientious about my meds, have worked with my doctor to stay on top of things (and he would listen to my input – oh geez, the patient actually know how s/he feels and what works. What a concept!). I also read the $80.00 book by two experts on bipolar disorder in 1998 and truly believe in the kindling effect (untreated or even with a break through episode, the illness can get worse the more often you have untreated symptoms. Ironically, I also read that some people get better as they get older because they are not dealing with the hormonal shifts.

So, looking at pics or videos from 2012-2013 would show me at times acting a bit strange. Aha! Someone with knowledge in psychology or even if they think they know a bit about psychology might say, “Bipolar with pscyhodic with possible delusional tendencies” or some such armchair psych. Bunk. I do have bipolar II, with depression and anxiety being the dominate features. I had one mild 6 week episode back in March of 1997 with very mild up and down symptoms for a while. The only delusion I have ever had is that I was dying. When I get depressed and go to the hospital (2X – one caused by the mobbers) I truly think I am dying.


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