Targeted Individuals – Huge Group Texting – Dumb and Predictable Things That Gang Stalkers Do 

For those new to my blog, if you can call it a blog – the content varies so much. How do these Vigilante Stalkers keep in touch? It is so very easy for groups to form group texts.

I got to participate in one recently. I work in Rohnert Park and something related to Comcast in Santa Rosa was damaged. The work internet was down for over a week. All due to the fires. I can now say that I have lived through a natural disaster.

Illinois Y875096 . My dad’s parents were from Illinois. Read Lincoln’s first speech. It was on vigilante justice. I have decided that most of you are probably for water boarding, right? You believe in assuming someone is guilty. So, you must. You don’t understand that we apribd people from other countries doing that to our people,?right?  That is the message we send. You do know that relentless mind games with suspects have led to false confessions,?right? But, what do the police care. They can close the case. 

Our boss told us how to join a site and she would be able to text all of us at the same time. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. That is an elementary school saying. I bet the Technology to do this has been around for quite a while. Someone techie involved in mob stalking figured it out a long time ago.

The pictures above were taken at Capri Creek Apartments Around 9:00 this evening. Lively place. This blue car drives up and pulls into a parking space. Then pulled out. Then pulled in. Then pulled out. Then pulled in. Not strange when you see this happen multiple time a day. I do it myself, but didn’t know so many other people did until a year ago.

I had decided tonight to go different ways to my apartment while I unloaded my car – I had evacuated because I knew that I would not sleep well staying in my apartment which is east of Sonoma Mountain Parkway.

So, I wandered over to the blue car. I allowed it’s owner to start walking. What luck. He dropped a dirty sock. I gave it to him. 6 foot thin. Very fair. Reminds me of my nephew, Kevin

One of the themes the Idiot Stalkers in Petaluma and round about use is flourescent colors. Orange is one of their favorites of course, because it is so common. It is Blaze Orange. Named by someone at DayGlo Color Corporation.  I know that because the founders were my uncles. Anyway, there is a saying, “If you can’t beat them join them.” Well, I would never join them, but I do call them out. As soon as possible, or when the time is right, I appear in the latest fashion garb that they have started appearing in. I saw this shirt at Michael’s, the price was right.

I started seeing a bit more tie dye than usual a while back. Yes, this is Sonoma County. If it is not the birthplace of tie dye, it is one of the capitols. But, the frequency in which I saw tie dye was not the norm – even for here. I got myself a tie dye hat and a little tiny tie dye purse. This is one way that I feel like I am in control. And one way to “thumb my nose” at these ignoramuses. I am a queen of idioms.

My downstairs neighbor must be either a little color blind or trying to play a little gaslighting trick. I think it is the later. She obviously knows the right color to use:

But didn’t use it down below:

Bit off, wouldn’t you say?

You probably will see the trash taken out while you are near businesses (taking out the trash is a perfectly normal event. Statistically for a TI – it will be abnormal if someone were to actually be able to study this). You may also find that someone from each food establishment ends up sweeping near you – afternoon and evening.

My neighbor downstairs. I had two. Now I think I have only one most of the time. The one who acts nice has either moved in with her boyfriend or something else. If it is something else, how would the mean lady afford it? When someone stomps off with her arms raised in the air middle fingers out – well? I think that was an acting job.

You might have babysitters drive up or leave when you are around. Let’s just say that there were loads of times when I had a caregiver after I broke my ankle – second floor – she could attest to there sometimes – in fact often no one pulling in and out. And there are fewer people here. These could be a few. 

Oh surprise! No. This car was sitting out front. 

Back lights that I could see when I went to my car. I don’t think they are all on. Front lights. NOTE THE ONE LIGHT OUT. CLASSIC.  Again, not that you don’t see this normally. Even in the recesses of your mind you might think the person should get it fixed or they might get a fix it ticket. However, I think the record for me is 9 in one day, just driving to work in Sebastopol and back. Not a lot of miles there.

TIs. This is so easy to do. Watch someone run a line – what is it called? – run an electric cable to add fog lamps or put some other feature on their car. I helped enough times with this type of thing. All they need to do is add some sort of flippy switch – toggle, circular or? In 2012-2013 and this past year I sometimes see people switch the switch off or on. When I went to pick my daughter up at the S.F. International Airport, a big white SUV had one light off or much dimmer. I made my flippy switch signal and s/he flipped it on.

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