Bathroom in Idaho – Tolerance and Hate

So, I think it was when we moved from MN to CA that we drove through Idaho. There is one town in Idaho that is proud of its diversity. But, there was a store or gas station out in the middle of nowhere with a store that we stopped at. I had to go to the bathroom so bad, that I did not walk out when the lady indicated that if I were anything other than white, she would have said that there were no public bathrooms.

Miss …. I have it written down in the name of the recording. 

Now, I probably would say something that the ignorant mind of the lady at the counter would not understand or would leave her speechless. And then turn around and walk out. I just thought of something: I will pray for your soul. How about: Thomas Jefferson took all important religious books and put them into one. 

Black small truck. 

AT&T. Pretty late and you don’t take these home, but could have stopped to get some groceries before dropping off the truck at the Lot near the old twine factory. Could have been up north. 

What was I saying? Oh- Idaho. I think that was where I saw the John Birch sign also. 

Sometimes ya don’t have to see a plate to recognize a car of truck. 

Idaho. Years ago I heard that a lot of Police Officers retired in Idaho. Guess it was a white flight state. Problem is that the police often see the segment of a population that is committing crimes. They don’t keep the proper perspective. Then, they might be wearing a certain type of colored glasses. It is almost impossible after that to get someone who wears a certain color glasses to see people they stereotype in a different light, right? 

Pretty sure that I have seen this before. In fact I am 81 to 83% sure. Last night I saw the white knight. Oh and a car parked on the exit for the Pet Blvd. facing east. He must have just missed me and then was in my rear view mirror. 

Oh, up above is what the fake water looks like. The sticky stuff that I will have to scrape off.

As we found out with the last election, people viewed sites that verify how they see the world already.

I am really good at taking pics that are supposed to be impossible to take. 

So, I tried to push away the idea that more than a few bad cops and fire fighters were involved. But, with Christian Supremacy, I think I was wrong. 

I was wondering about all the SUV’s. Big SUVs. Record sales of all SUVs last year. Guess there really is no global warming. Hey, you go off road or live on a farm, haul wood. Go for it. But, a glorified station wagon? 

So, The Family Next Door drove up. They are my top baby sitters. A baby sitter is someone who is around when I leave or get home. Dad said something to Mom when I took a pic of what I thought was a strange car. For the first time, the two middle kids were looking at me and not acting like kids. 

Interesting – all the kids were in PJs. It was pretty cool outside. Stranger and stranger. 


Oh, MISS BVG or SVG. I have it written down. There was a sweet older lady in the car looking around at everything. Sick. Driving around someone who has no idea what you are doing. So Christian like, right?

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