Interesting Change in Norm…..

So, I usually have a conversation with someone and then if something was a bit off I notice. Why in the world would I want to hear that much detail about that court case. It is not normal for that person to go on and on like that. So, you far right Christians still are pushing that rumor? Even if you do not feel that you are far right, if you participate in this cult activity you are far right.

Someone explained the police vehicles all going with their sirens on. I will check. Interesting that the Fairfield police and Solano County Sheriff pass by today 13. This was a different time and place from the ones on Tuesday and Monday. Those two were at different times. I certainly can’t fathom why, but that is a weird coincidence. The events in 2012-2013 were pure evil. Oh devil.

If I were Latino and I was participating, I would ask myself if this is a movement towards the U.S. becoming a Christian nation (most of the founding fathers would not meet the standards you set). If so, is it Mike Pence’s form of Christian White Nation (so true to history right? I think we had better become versed in Native American religions) OR is it really anyone who includes Jesus within the religion. Still, have you all read the New Testament? There is one group that has four books. Really, have you read the New Testament?

One person cannot be so important unless she is a danger to a cause.


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