I Was Right! Moving Towards the Days of Naziism! Read On and Read Latest Past Posts

  1. Strict Christians have been gathering to back Pence type “values” for quite a while in the North Bag. Underground Christian movement. I have come up with a new term: religious discrimination – well no – it’s religious cronyism
  2. The north bay appears to be fairly liberal. What better place to gather together the conservative Christians who want the Conservative Christian “values” pushed upon all Americans. In Sonoma County there are a number of self employed business people who suffered in 2008, large and small farms, NRA stickers on cars, delivery services of all types who (I strongly) believe have been hiring people who will be true to the cause, Harley Davidson riders, and a lot of strict hierarchical wealthy churches and many evangelical churches. 
  3. Before the fires, I had completed all the laundry and had put it away. I look at each piece as I hang it up. There was no “ghost of Christmas past” on these pants. Dust was put back on table legs recently. Below – my black pants. 
  4. Now the cars from Texas and Arizona make a lot of sense. Many from Texas. There is much more to saying Texas than assuming that Texans would be part of “stalking”. I investigated the U.S. to be a Christian Country movement and found a strong tie to Texas.
  5. How do you know when you are getting closer to the truth? You see so many more cars and trucks. I use to see mainly license plates that were from this area or were not, but I kept seeing them again – so the plate frame was out of area, but the owner lives here.Recently, I have seen cars and plate frames that seem to be out of the area. That can mean only one thing – I am getting really close. Actually, I think I am pretty right on.
  6. The lady below is doing something that I have seen people in cars near me do – she is pushing out her jaw or doing something to make herself less recognizable. Nope. Doesn’t work. I see people put their tongue under their upper lips, lower lips, puff out their cheeks, lean way back in their seats (a few made me wonder how they can drive – one person parked – the passenger had the seat fully reclined so that it was on a back passenger’s lap). They swipe at their hair, hold up a phone, scratch their hair and I even saw a few pick their noses for a while. Targets. Ignore those things. See past them and see these cowards’ faces.
  7. Today, I am truely seeing vehicles from other areas. I must be on target.
  8. There are so many sick people that it really smells awful. It is not from the fires, but the stench people give off when they are so afraid of where they stand, they have to control others. That was the KKK. Afraid of losing their way of life.
  9. For more than 20 years, groups of strict Christians have been gathering forces. Not just out there on the fringe, but right here in River City and elsewhere. River City is Petaluma, CA
  1. Makes sense really. Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Mendocino, and more were the last bastions of WASPS and Catholics and Mormons and any other strict, controlling or conniving group.
  2. I could really be wrong on this one – but if I were Latino I would double check the mother company’s agenda.
  3. THAT is why there are so many righteous looking teens.
  4. I saw 10 emergency vehicles heading north on the 101 sometime around 5:30 Or so. Near the Cotati grade. Before and after I think. Geez. One must be a detective’s car. Plain car with lights. They were not all local either
  5. There is an “underground, but viable and growing Christian Supremacy movement. They use Stasi tactics to get what they want. They are the Ultimate cowards and bullies.
  6. When I read what Mike Pence and others are for, I feel like this must be the twilight zone. Those poor oppressed white Christians having their country taken away from them.
  7. Oh, but it wasn’t your country to begin with. AND much of it was built with slave labor or meneal labor. Chinese, then send them away, slaves, then Jim Crow. You don’t even see kids mowing lawns anymore. Who is going to pick crops? Not the hardest working, most family oriented cultural group we have.
  8. I didn’t care what you thought before, now what you care about is not worth thinking about. I hate what you stand for. I won’t say I hate you.
  9. Makes this so much easier – to not care a lick. About you and much, much, much less about your cause.
  10. That guy and his sidekick at Subway on Cotati Ave. Remembered the avocado after the sandwich was made.

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