Burlingame, Highway Patrol, Fire Truck, Transit, One Vehicle With Lights and Siren Going North While Cal Fire is Leaving Town 

Wow! Busy day for law enforcement, Flack, Fire Fighters. The fires are just about out, but all but Cal Fire was going north. Interesting. 

I saw a refrigerator sitting at the curb with a free sign on it. So, I was going to call the police department. I ALWAYS notify someone when some ignorant fool leaves a refrigerator sitting on the curb or elsewhere. Well, except I still need to call the manager of Capri Creek. The lady at the police department said that they can be opened from the inside now. I sort of questioned that, just by saying I would have to check that out. Looked like she was going to check with a boss. 
When I drove out I swear I said to ALL the cars clogging the streets by the police department: “Don’t get your knickers in a twist.” I knew the supremists would have a tizzy fit, but all these groups did show up without even knowing the story. 

I can’t be sure – but I think I am in some cases. Is there religious discrimination when it comes to renting and hiring? Outside of a religious run organization. It would make sense. This is different: soldiers and people with strict upbringings can make good FBI and CIA agents. But no one has really raised the issue of something like cronyism with hiring as far as religions go. 

You are not Christians. You are fanatical zealots. As far as the Catholic Latinos – I think Trump is showing us where he wants this country to go. With Mike Pence and others, it is very clear that some of these zealots want a white Christian America. Look around. 

No wonder you and your kids remind me of Stepford. You ARE. Also that planet in “A Wrinkle in Time”.  Heads stiff, facing forewards, such good actors putting on a show. If you smile your face will crack. 

When we lived in MN, I found the sameness at the school to be boring. Missed the rich diversity of So Cal. My sister an I had to explain to my dad about prejudices in some parts of the north bay. He was flummoxed. He so enjoyed growing up in a college town. Berkeley. 

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