CHRISTIAN SUPREMISTS – When This Group Flexes Its Muscles, I Know I am Doin’ Good – Truck Tries to Hit Me?

Can’t say for sure if this is or not. But, I can say for sure that the driver of this truck was facing north at a street that is perpendicular to Rainier. I can figure it out. I was in the right hand lane and he turned as though he was going to hit me. I had to swerve and get in the left lane. 

I got a picture at Sonoma Mountain Parkway. It’s enough. Enough for what? Enough. 

I think the first number is a 6. 

I also saw myself again tonight. Nah, not really, but I saw a girl/lady who looked like I did from the side. Long blonde hair and small features. Hmmm. Maybe the person in the truck knows her. 

I want to thank the fire department unit that passed me on McDowell. 

And all. 

For those who stand up for themselves now or in the future: Right versus might. That isn’t the best quote because bullies have false might. 

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