CHRISTIAN SUPREMACY HAS GROWN – List of Mishaps That Have Happened to This Survivor / T.I. / Targetted Individual in Fairly Recent Year

  1. Six flat tires from March until a few weeks ago
  2. NOTE: large white truck raised some I believe it was the truck with one light significantly dimmed on one side. At around 10:56 on 10:14 p.m. was one of many vehicles coming up behind me on the 101. As I exited the freeway heading south onto the S.Petaluma Blvd. exit I read the license plate: K94COPS. I believe it was a RAM. 
    • Friend’s neighbor being loud with his truck. Hey, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Or have me write in my blog using details, details, details. 10-17
    • As crazy as my speculations are that I made today, it is the ONLY one that could describe these people acting like they are on a mission and are so busy trying to get me to crawl under a rock. Picked the wrong person. 11:03 on 10/14
    • Hit and run in 2013 by. Latino man on a street cutting over to go to JX WILSON. I got the Liscence plate. The Santa Rosa Police could not find a match. I must have been off. This accident happened on the one morning we would meet early to plan upcoming meetings. 
    • I again was rear ended in Stop and go traffic on the way to work. There was no damage, but we had to pull over and exchange information and such.
    • Last night as I was blogging: This black car was pulled up ahead on the north side of the road facing west. I was typing this post. It sat there until I raised up my camera and took a picture. I had assumed the driver was going to park there. It passed me as it drove off. 
    • The following picture was taken after a light to medium colored truck or SUV pulled up facing west on the east side of the road. I am parked on the south side of the road facing east. It was siting there partway behind another car. I was typing the above words, “It  sat there unti …” down to about “assumed….”. The lights flashed at least three times before turning off. That was probably when the driver locked the car, but it flashed too many times. This vehicle is parked in front of 152 – across from it. There is a park on the other side of the street – the side he parked on. Though S/he could have gone into the house on the corner, or elsewhere for that matter. 
    • Here are some pics. The intersection is Liverpool and Sonoma Mountain Parkway – in Petaluma, CA of course.
    • After I finished the part, “In 2015….”
    • And then
    • In 2015, I was leaving for a vacation during spring break. I do have to think about the date, but I was working as a substitute. The afternoon before I was to leave, I was rear ended by a lady. She was going fairly fast by the damage she caused. I was heading west on Reishling, stopped at the light at the corner of Reischling and Sonoma Mountain Parkway. I thought I could go and I moved forward, but realized the traffic coming towards me was going to fast. A lady driving a rather dilapidated small truck rear ended my car. She hit my car so hard that when I moved forward her front bumper stayed attached to my rear bumper until they disingaged and her bumper was on the road. She admitted fault and said she had assumed that I was going to go when I started out. However, I wonder now how fast she had to be going to cause that kind of damage. I could not close the trunk. I had to bungee cord it shut – more or less. 
    • Continuing on I was surrounded by a truck and three cars when heading north on the 101 Freeway. Boxed in. Supposed to be a scare tactic. 
    • On the 5 coming north and the end of spring break three semis and a car tried to box me in. There were two semis in front neck and neck and one semi in the slow lane. There was a car on my right. I can’t exactly remember how the next part happened. I may have slowed down and than got behind a car that was in the slow lane. Well – whatever – the car was boxed in. It took a while for the two neck and neck semis to let the car loose. 
    • Traveling east on Washington Ave. before the turn offs for the 101, I was surrounded by multiple black trucks and a black car. Statistically speaking……
    • Fog lamps bashed in – assume it was when the car was parked at Capri Creek – summer 2016
    • Oil cap removed. September, 2017
    • Dates changed on SEIS. I have a PDF version to show that I didn’t do it. 

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