1. Ooooh- Aaaahhh! Your negative JuJu has no effect on me. Positive Prayed and Positive Thought have power, but not the Social Justice’s bad JuJu
  2. This does have cars on it, but the biggy is that Social Justice has a big following in Petaluma, CA
  3. BIGORKA CYN BK 10:15 1205 Black hr long L
  4. DANIKAY pulling out of tb at 11:27 rt Lakeville. SUB
  5. Yesterday after turning left onto Petaluma Blvd. South, four cars pulled out of Crystal Lane onto the roundabout in front of me. They all pulled over to the side where I am now at 12:39 on October 17th. I guess I was supposed to be intimidated and say, “Oh, no!”  Instead I thought, “How stupid is that!” Because they had pulled over to the side and I took a picture. I am always thinking things such as: how stupid, really?, stupid idiots, stupid ignorant idiots, ants are crawling out of their hidey holes, hopping away like scared rabbits, you are so brave on that side of the road or behind me, but hop away like scared rabbits when I get behind them.
  6. I went back and took this today. The first pic. Since I have been pulled over, two cars have pulled over up ahead on the other side of the bridge. I suppose they think that is intimidating. REALLY? 

Autumn pics

  1. Duplicates and triplicates, but oh well. 

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