To T.I.s in the United States – From Possibly the #1 Targeted Individual/Survivor in the United States – Hare Brained Idea or the Evidence Leads to the Truth — CHRISTIAN SUPREMACY IS GROWING 

Proposing a hare-brained idea that is surreal, but makes total sense -in an alternate United States. 

Let’s suppose that hidden among the liberal factions of the north bay there started an enclave of people who have a shared common goal. Pick one that a mostly white group along with Catholic Latinos might go along with. You pick. 

Mine would be a group, whose ideaology (unfortunately!) is really taken hold within a supposedly small group of off base “Christian” Americans. I don’t think this ideology fits in with the Jesus or the Founding Fathers’ ideology or with the values the United States of America should embrace. There is a movement among some very right wing Christians, including some politicians, that believe the United States should be a totally Christian country. Suppose the mobbing and stalking/gaslighting, burglary, vandalism that I have experienced more recently is because I had survived and actually was doing fairly well since 1997 AND I remember EVERYTHING. 

NOT ALL my stalkers belong to this group – I surmise – some are following the “She is a horrible person who treats X group like Z.” I believe that there are some people who are blackmailed or threatened with this stalking. 

20 years ago I witnessed a rudimentary form of gangstalking. All the players back then were white conservative looking people, some appeared to be very fit for their ages. Perhaps ex cops or ties to other groups like that. At the time, this type of “testing” people to see if they were going to harm someone was a reaction to horrid crimes like the Polly Klaas murder. 

Polly Klaas was abducted from a “typical” Norfh Bay town – white church going people uncomfortable with the changes they saw happening. I call Petaluma the “Biggest Small Town” that I have ever lived in. 

16 years past by, but not without some strange events occurring. When I worked in Sonoma Valley and would drive home late at night, there would be Deputh Sheriff’s vehicles (one at a time) parked along the side of the road. The part of road that is brush or trees – country. The vehicles would have their lights flashing – no reason. No one pulled over. This continues until I wrote a long explanation of what I had gone through in 1997 and what was happening at that time. 

Also, in 2008, when I was going to Sonoma State to get a teaching credential, I was coming out of a Starbuck’s like modern strip mall in Rohnert Park. and a sheriff’s vehicle stopped a little ways in front of me – about 20 feet or less. There was a stony faced very fair man with sharp features staring at me. The one thing I could be sure of was that his face was filled with hate. 

THIS IS ME RANTING ON ABOUT FALSE BELIEFS OF NEO CHRISTIAN BELIEFS AND YOU CAN SKIP IT. Added on 10-17. Buses could be there in case they have to evacuate. But, still- the effort put forth is totally ridiculous. There has to be a higher cause/calling. I believe it is belief based and is religious based in this case. As far as I remember, the newer evangelical movement took off in the early 70’s with the Crystal Cathedral.  Billy Graham may have been at his hey day in the 60’s or at the start of his hey day. My family went to see him at a stadium. I remember a church that kids referred to as Evie Free.

So, in the center of The John Birch Society, maybe little seeds were planted all over the country. So, the people my age would be the first generation as far as gathering recruits, though the elders were ready to jump on board. Or older than I because I was young in the 60’s. So, the younger generation listened to some of this crap being fed them and now we have at least three generations and many people. Throw in some members from the Latter Day Saints and the Catholic Church and you’ve got quite a crowd. 

By the way, you DO know that Jefferson was Deist, some other founding fathers would not make your cut. So, DON’T use the lame excuse that this has always been a Christian nation. Yes, many different Christian groups settled here to get away from persecution. But, the 13 states of the pre Constitution could discriminate any way they damned well pleased.  And I use those words because their acts, in many cases were ignorant and damnable. I guess that is a word. The Baptists’ children were taken away from them in certain states with certain “Christian” laws. There WERE early Jewish settlements. Do yo tell the younger generations the truth. Guess it doesn’t matter, does it? As long as they take the stance that the poor neo Christians in this country are losing their rights. Welcome back the 50’s. Right. I was there. Not so pretty from many people’s viewpoint. 

UPDATE – I am not sure about the buses, but there were a LOT of cars parked on Casa Grande by the school for no logical reason AND there were a lot of cars parked near those senior centers for no logical reason

I also know that when I moved to Petaluma 20 years ago, this town still had a certain undertone of “good ol’ boys and gals”. Prejudices not kept quiet all the time. 

I will add the middle later, because I want to put the climax in now.

I notice when things are off. There were a lot of cars parked on the street behind the east side Wells Fargo in Petaluma, CA. Way many then there should have been considering that there are two senior centers with empty parking spaces and the small house on the north end of the street have two car garages. Then, I noticed these two non descript buses at one of the senior centers. That makes no sense at all. Why? I can’t fathom. 

Down the street there was another rather non descript bus. It was parked on the road in front of the senior living facility that shares the Wells Fargo driveway/entrance. 

Now, THIS is a totally crazy idea. Shades of the Twilight Zone. What if many, but not all of these harassers, belong to groups of congregations devoted to this cause (not all, but some in a congregation).  Suppose – oh, this is just too, too crazy except for Twilight Zone. Suppose, to expand their numbers this weekend, the Vigilante or Cause Stalkers had some of their ilk come join them via bus? Then, having cars parked here and there really makes sense. 

This is just for my book – after 2008, even more Christians jumped on board. Mostly white Christian working class people who were disenfranchised with the country, illegal immigrants and other immigrants taking their jobs. What if? 

Trump was THE perfect candidate. What if?

When there is a downturn in the economy, in typical US fashion the ruling faction goes after the latest group to be enticed, enslaved, encouraged to take on the menial jobs – not menial in my world but in other’s. The slaves, the Irish treated like slavez, the Italians, but they brought wine. The illegal immigrants. Ironic that immigrant issues      MP

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