Red Rover, Red Rover- Targeted Individuals -I Am Getting Too Close to the truth

It is interesting. The thing about taking pictures is some Vigilante Stalkers will try and do anything to try and keep their cars/trucks, and vans from ending up on my blog.

I think I am getting closer and closer to how these Sonoma County Stalkers work AND why. I do think if someone from the group tells someone not happy with vigilante justice/mob justice then the tattler to end up on this list. I do think it is tied to groups and is not as loosey goosey as I once thought. I believe this started as a misguided way to try to figure out if someone is a threat to any number of traps. Entrapment by citizens and then the police are called. The kids doing this have no sense of what the justice system in this country is about.
More recent sightings:

Vineyards car with bear paw sighted two times in two different places recently.

Cars, trucks, vans………………………Just around and thereabouts……………who knows?

Vigilante Stalkers are Evil people: lie, steal, cheat, play mind games, no touch torture, gaslighting, lie, steal, break into cars, break into houses, use slander, plant evidence, frame, vandalize cars: fog lamps and taking oil cap, hack, trespass…………………

Hmmmm. Oh well.







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