Idiots Harass While Rome Burns. Petaluma CA

Okay. Many of you are religious. Nothing wrong with that. Many of you come from patriarchal and hierarchal religions. Most of you are white of European descent, though a few aren’t. Many of you would have made your mind up about someone’s guilt or innocence before you listened to any evidence the defense had. Catholic men decided which books to put in the Bible, but most of you would not bother to research that yourself. Most people including most of you will not get past stage Three in moral development. Christ and Mothef Theresa are 5 or 6.  You do NOT believe in democracy no matter how much you protest, because to be a democracy a country HAS to have some sort of court system that at least tries to deal justice fairly even if they fall far from the mark. All of you think you can believe everything you are told, read or see if it comes from a source you trust. The majority of you are Republicans or Independents and many of you voted for Trump. If you voted for Trump and you thought he really didn’t mean what he said – well, that is for you to work out. 

I have 3 hobbies now. The first is to scan photos that I traveled 3,000 miles to get. One is for myself and the other one has to do with self righteous colored glasses can’t see the truth if it bit you idiots. Most this time of night feel oh so macho , but you are anything but. If you are 25 or younger watch out or you will get mad. As will those guys who are mentally 25 or younger or even older but ten years younger emotionally.

Rock and roll. 

Oh you…..know so little about me. I may be Suzy Safety. But I was born mindful. Going to go to a friend’s house for a slumber party. Have 92 year old rocking chair of my mom’s. If I had to run out with nada. Que sera sera. It is what it is. Interesting. You learn what is important. 

OMG. YOU are on SMP while there is a pre pre warning saying that everyone East of Sonoma Mountain Parkway needs to begin thinking about the possibility of evacuating. And to the idiot who said no and he has “cop” friends. My son found another source and my nephew the Nor Cal firefighter told his wife. So pre evacuate or go help someone. Lots of things to do. Frickin’ idiots. Guys… quit letting the testosterone and you egos get in your way. Over 25. Nope. 

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