Finally- I Am Going to Say It: “ANYONE Who Participates in Vigilante Stalking is NOT the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

There are so, so many reasons. First being that a Democracy can not exist without a justice system. The Sixth Amendment to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

Below. Gee, I didn’t know that PG&E had cars. This one was straight out from Target at 11:00 tonight. Just wondering.

Y’all got to get your God points, or doing my civic duty or protecting the world or self righteousness. Y’all wrong.

Maybe there is some problem we don’t know about. No electrical, no gas, in a Pacific state, so that part is right on! 

Not accusing anyone of anything. Just saying…..

Fancy cars out in P town at Wendy’s at 11:32 Or So. 

Did you hear me say that, “I LOVE car rallies.” Sometimes this reminds me of the car rallies I was in as a teen in the early 70’s. And one for the church that we put on. Oh my! And I got to be at a checkpoint with Mark. Older guy by ??? 2 years. I was a lowly sophomore. 

However, we had to give up car rallies because of the waste and pollution and now we would call it our carbon footprint. Oh. But that is just fine, right? Some of you don’t believe in global warming.

If this is so right and lawful, why did that bunny just go hopping away so dang fast? You know I talk with a Midwest twang when I record or “talk” on the phone about you idiots. Why, go figure. 4years in Ohio and growing up with kids whose parents were from the Midwest, one Texas and one moved here from Florida. 

 This was just out in the middle of nowhere. A hidey hole?

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