Red Cars……..Nor Cal Stalkers? I Don’t Know, But They Do NOR CAL TELLS

NOR CAL TELLS: Chickens (Petaluma), oval stickers with two to three letters standing for a place, envy or personal plates – lots of envy or personal plates (more than one person would see in a ?????, U.S. flag stickers, SF stickers of any size, the Warriors bridge, 49ers anything, plate frames that say which college they went to, the family stickers, skull stickers, zombie anything including a zombie family, bent bumpers, a perfect car with a single “ding” that could not have been caused by an accident, fake damage (van with insulation taped between the light and a part of the car so it looks like the insides of the car are coming out (except that is not what that would look like), shock cars – so full of clean junk that the only room left is the driver’s seat, really bad damage – doesn’t look street legal, …………………..sea turtles, Hawaiian anything, MY NEW THEME OR REPEAT of last year’s winter theme will be lights. Do I get to see the two guys on the side of the road in the middle of no where along Stoney Point Rd.? That would be fun. Maybe I should get one of those special lights that would spot their SUV in the field.

I have to look. I am not sure of the dates, but I can figure that out.

I think it is sort of going from farther back in time towards now. It’s not quite right.

Okay. I posted one that should be in a college dorm room and not out on the street. I do say that I laughed, but still……………………… In my family there were five women. I was the only one who was not a red head. That hair color is like my mom’s. She still had a bit of red when she passed away. Like I have said many times. I don’t know. The ones that are interesting are the ones that I see a lot in different places. Sometimes I see the same cars in different cities. One I think I saw on the five freeway and in Rohnert Park and I think – Sebastopol. But I’m not exactly sure which one I saw on the five. I just remember saying to myself that I had seen that one before.

This last batch and the following have been used before and may be duplicates of the ones above. I think these last must have been part of my personal plate collection. I could update that on Facebook. Logical hobby. Right? Who can question you when you take a pic of an envy plate or even one with three nines or?


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