Stay Safe ALL. My Three Firefighters – Fire Information for Sonoma County and There Abouts

One of my fire fighters is home from his OC fire for sleep.

Other went from Glen Ellen to his station – 5th day. Got to go home for while at least.

I need to find out about the youngest. Year older than my youngest. Became Great Aunt before I had me second. Happens.

I truly hope all the fire fighters stay safe………and 911 operators and all take care. I have three nephews who are fire fighters. I finally found out what they are doing. One on his fifth day up here. Working locally with not much for four days, then this hit. His brother lost his house in the Coffey Park area. Two of my nephews there.

One nephew is a Battalion Chief  in So Cal and is out at the fire that skipped over to a more rural area. At least that is where I think he is. Somewhere there. His nephew, my great nephew works out of a small department along the freeway that goes down to Temecula (15?). He must have passed the EMT requirements, because he is working as an EMT right now.

All of you out there take care.


I can’t go outside……………….so……………………truce for a day…………………………..

North Bay Wildfires: Evacuation center information

Best article I have found on evacuation centers. I read that Lucchesi has been added.

Explains what type of mask to get. Stay inside, but if you have to go outside, I seriously would get one of these masks. Tiny particulates and particulates from homes burning really bad. I got asthma during the Lake Fires and I wasn’t even that close. I had a cold which probably didn’t help.

I closed the page that explained how this spread. Started in East Napa County, Went into north Sonoma along 12 and then to Mark West Area and Fountaingrove, jumped the freeway and went west. My nephew’s house near Coffey Lane was destroyed. Worried about other nephew and other fire fighters.

Declared a state of emergency, so hopefully that will bring in more crews. Many were already helping down south a ways.

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