Not a Single Tear in One Year – How Gangstalkers “Enlarge” Their Numbers

Can’t beat this view. 

It has been ONE year! Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music. 

The show this a.m. was S S ooo slow. How slow was it? Half the numbers. It picked up.

Adding later: They get the virus to spread by only telling one part of the story to different people. Only the upper echelon of this charade knows the whole story. If everyone knew, then every single thing I have done makes absolute sense. I am still here aren’t I? How much do the state and federal workers tell their spouses?

Mama Bear only knows so much. Probably knows nothing about 2013, unless it was the part about me not being able to take care of myself. Definitely has been told something scary by the look in her eyes. Sick. Scaring kids.

Makes so much sense you Yahoos! Meaning that all of you are Yahoos. 

They recruit the 101ers. Stoney Point parallels the 101. More to come. 

Also, if I wanted to record and look at tapes for hours, I could show you that some cars do go round and round the merry go round more than once. I knew it, but hearing a truck drive by my work two times while I was there half an hour or less. Clinch!! I didn’t even look up the second time. 

Before I forget, why was the Petaluma fighter truck on the 116 going into Sebastopol?  Some of them take trucks like that home. It was a vehicle they don’t use for fighting fires. 

Sometimes they are “loaned” cars from dealers. Maybe salespeople “borrow” them. 

This hot rodder with a green Hansel sticker just went by.

The real devotees (fanatics) have one or more junkers used for THIS. Easy Peasy. Under a cover. On a friend’s country property in Sonoma Cohnty. They can keep some Over at OSH on McDowell Blvd in Petaluma. I bet there are other car banks around. 

Poway. My cousin lived in Poway. He was a pilot and was involved with the investigation of that plane crash. He lost all those friends. In his 60’s he flew troops to the Middle East. 

Oh, it helps to have more drones around if you are T.I. # 1. At least among the “do gooder” stalkers in the U.S. Hey, do gooders! You know this is used here and in other countries for evil right! Might just be used by some people including some of yours just as something to do. 


Oh yes! These idiots have hidey holes. They meet and park a few cars and then go around with 2-3 people. Pick up another one. Isn’t it great that their kids are socializing together, having pizza, seeing the sites. See. These people help each other as they pass through your town or state. 

This car has been around for quite a while in Sonoma County. I call these shock cars. I have a blog post on these. 

When you are in a populated area. Driving out of it, you might see a whole lot of lights behind you. It doesn’t take that many cars to look like a bunch. Even if there are, you look back and poof they are gone. Nope. Pull over or take an off ramp. 

Oh. They can gather like ants because of cell phones. Easy Peasy. 

Also, you might think they are from more places than they are as some bought used cars that have Plate frames from elsewhere.  Hmmm. Maybe some of the church groups do Plate frame exchanges. How sweet. 

In a town like Petaluma, they can come in from the 101 on both sides of town, from the 37, Petaluma Hill Rd., D St. Take your pick. When you are out they pull off take one of those routes, maybe a turn here or there. Voila! And Poof!

I am surrounded by these idiots. Over time, they have moved in or bought into the lies or been infected with the virus. 

Biggest threat to democracy and these Yahoos think they are doin’ good. Not! It is called No Touch Torture. Still need to talk to the priests about the planned end game. Same thing the Stasi did. 

Fairfield. Hmmm. I don’t think so. I did get them all riled up by moving my hand in a “so-so” movement this A.M.  But I don’t think it is from Fairfield. Could be, but I do keep seeing a local car from Fairfield. 

So, there is the grand meister puppeteer or puppeteers. Could even be church leaders involved. Then, the puppeteers who don’t know all, but enough to keep them engaged. Then the droids, puppets. 

I could be wrong – and I will pay for this next time I am out. Or, that will prove my point. There is enough doubt by some, that the burden falls on fewer. This weekend, they have asked for all favors to be paid back. 

I have new accounts and new equipment. Both, crimp their style. Maybe some are thinking twice because we all seem to understand greed. It was a hell of a lot of money, plus the money I believe was squirreled away but was filtered through our accounts. 

Wow! The thought crossed my mind, but I tied it up more with the “changed after inheriting money” rather than what he has always treasured most – money and hanging onto it, OR making sure I knew what he sacrificed. A gift is not truly a gift if it doesn’t come without the strings. 

I would think someone would have been proud to pay for some of their kid’s things. Did pay $500 a month to help out youngest. I had been trying to say that the trust, set up by my parents, could not pay for all expenses. Just remembered. I had done some things. All jumbled. 

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