Lots of Flashing Lights and my theory is right

Wow, I will have to go onto I Love Petaluma and see what that is all about. On McDowell a ways from Corona going south. One police car flashed lights – going north and pulled over someone with one light out in front. Don’t know if that was the reason. This would have been around 7:18. Then over on the right a few police cars were on a street on the right. They had flashing lights. I think there was another vehicle. Busy, busy, busy.  
So, I notice a car with personalized plates. 8889JOY. HOW COOL! Would be 28 now, since my son is 32. Goes my way, but I take an extra lap around the roundabout. Don’t want anyone to get any ideas – like the ones broadcasted before. I am guessing. I could be wrong, but I’m not. I love that quote from Monk. 

So, I was right. Cars that I am near purposely pull off at my exit. I drove ahead of this one nice truck. Put on my blinker so S/he couldn’t say that I was following hier or hiem ( sounds like la Haem). We need to come up with a word that stands for him or her. What does it matter? Betsy Ross was about the only woman in my history books. Etc. why beat a dead horse?  

No, maybe three years tenure but it is a mostly female workforce. Working conditions were pretty bad when my uncle was young. Teachers are discriminated against – only group that can only take 250 off on work related expenses. My son made more than I did going into an entry level position. Schools are like the private sector, but not. Two years not good. Three would be better. 

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